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Top 10 Foods That Make You Fart Uncontrollably And Smell Horribly

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Top 10 Foods That Make You Fart

Farting is a two way thing, it is a good way to relieve your digestive system, reduce bloating and even shows that you are very healthy. However, farting could be bad, when it is frequent and has a horrible odor. It doesn’t also affect you but could affect people around you. Farting is also associated with bloating and flatulence.However they are times when farting becomes excessive and the odor is so intensive.  What causes this? Farting is a natural physiologic phenomenon in humans. But the rate and smell of your fart is 90% determined by what foods you eat. That’s why you’ll find out the top foods that make you fart today.
We will also get to find out the answers to questions like, does cucumber make you fart? Does bok choy make you fart? And does eggs make you fart?

Why do some foods make you fart?

In truth, anything you eat will make you fart, because gas enters your body along with what you eat. This gas has to leave the body in some way, for example through belching. You fart because, while the bacteria in your intestinal tract are converting your foods into useful nutrients, they produce a smelly by-product of hydrogen sulfide gas — the same stench that emanates from rotten eggs.
The response of these colonies of bacteria to foods varies from human to human. However. they are certain food ingredients that are most likely to cause gas. Especially sugars like fructose, lactose, sorbitol, raffinose and high sulfur containing foods.
Others are fibers and starches, and foods that take longer to digest.

Top 10 Foods That Make You Fart

1. Beans
Beans is the number one culprit when it comes to food that cause farting. Beans will nearly always make you fart because it contains oligosaccharides like raffinose and stachyose, that are not easily absorbed in the small intestine. However, when they reach the large intestine, they are greeted by more than 700 species of bacteria that break them into smaller pieces. They release hydrogen and methane while doing this and these gases becomes fart. Hope you now understand why you always gas when you consume beans? let’s move on.
2. Dairy Products
All dairy products are sure to cause you a measure of flatulence, this is because it contains lactose. It is more common among people who are lactose intolerant. Because they don’t have enough lactase (which is the enzyme that digests lactose), the lactose could pass to your large intestine undigested. It is then acted upon by those bacteria that release gas.
3. Meat
Meat, especially red meat will make you gassy. Protein rich foods like meat take time to get digested, which leads to build up of sugars and bacteria, that causes gas release. There so many healthiest meats you can eat.
4. Sorbitol-containing fruits
Fruits can also cause you to fart, these are fruits that contain sorbitiol. Sortibol was one the sugars or oligosaccharides I mentioned earlier, that causes gas release by bacteria. Some of these fruits are peaches, apples and pears.
5. Vegetables
Vegetables can cause you to fart, because of its high fiber content. However, some vegetables take longer time to digest, leading to gas release. These vegetables are asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, collard greens, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi etc. Broccoli is also high in sulfide, can will give your fart a very bad odor.
Also the Chinese cabbage, bok choy is among the vegetables that make you fart. So if you are wondering if bok choy makes you fart, the answer is yes.
Does cucumber make you fart? Yes it does also.
6. Carbonated drinks
Drinking carbonated drinks will cause a build up of air in your body and lead to bloating and farting. Avoid fizzy drinks if you don’t want too much gas in your body.
7. Grains
Oat bran, corn bran and wheat bran are all healthy diets that are good for you. But could lead to excessive farting and flatulence, due to their high fiber content.
8. Eggs
Eggs (especially boiled eggs) are surely going to make you gassy because it is high in protein. It will also likely have a terrible odor. This case will be worse with people who have egg intolerance. This is similar to lactose intolerance. The enzyme lipase and the proteases will not be enough, which will leave the eggs undigested in your gut and lead to gas release and flatulence.
9. Artificial sweeteners that contain sorbitol and mannitol
Sweeteners can also cause gas and bloating. Especially does that contain sorbitol and mannitol, which cannot be digested quickly. These artificial sweeteners also cause other digestive diseases too, like irritable bowel syndrome.
10. High fructose corn syrup
High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), contains fructose which leads to gas release, bloating and other gastrointestinal problems.
Corn syrups with high fructose also contains sweeteners, that can also make you fart.
I hope you enjoyed reading through. Please leave a comment and share this. Did you think I missed any food? or is there any specific food that makes you fart? please tell us.

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