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10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tiger nuts are one the most popular foods in the world. Thru are cultivated and eaten in  Africa, the Middle East, Asia, as well as North and South America.
In Nigeria where I come from, tiger nuts are also common. In the Igbos refer to them as ‘Aki Awusa’, the Hausas call them ‘Aya’, and the Yorubas as ‘Imumu’.
Tiger nuts are also very healthy and good for you. That's why today you'll be learning the health benefits of tiger nuts.
Tiger nuts are not actually nuts as they are called, but they are tubers belonging to the Cyperaceae family. In this article we will not just look at the health benefits of tiger nuts, but also the various ways tiger nuts can be consumed to gain it's maximum health benefits.

In Nigeria, tigernuts are a traditional food. They are usually consumed in various forms. The fresh type are golden brown in colo and are bigger. While the
semi-dry ones are brown in color and smaller. They are coated with sugar to give them an extra sweet taste. Tiger nuts can be eaten raw as a snack. However, one common way eat is eaten is by preparing an
all-natural, delicious, milky beverage known as Tiger nut milk. In Nigeria it is known as ‘Kunnu Aya' and is a lactose-free alternative to dairy milk. It is one the healthy nigerian local drinks.
They are used in the cosmetic industry as an anti aging treatment too. They are so many health benefits of tiger nuts, so please find them out.

Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts
Health benefits of Tiger nuts

As mentioned earlier, tiger nuts are very healthy for you. They contain a lot of beneficial nutrients and can help you stay healthy.
Some nutritional content* of tiger nuts are:

  • Protein 2g
  • Carbohydrate 9 g
  • Dietary fiber 10g
  • Fat 1g
  • Magnesium

* Per ounce of tiger nuts.

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So what are the health benefits of tiger nuts.

1. They are a great source of magnesium

Tiger nuts are an amazing natural source of magnesium. They contain a whole lot of magnesium, that the body needs.
Magnesium helps to improvs muscle and nerve function. It also boosts the immune system. Magnesium is also good for the heart.

2. They contain essential vitamins

Tiger nuts contain some really essential vitamins too, especially Vitamin C and E.
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the inmunological system.
Vitamin E plays a role in the formation and functioning of the blood cells and tissues in the body. It also offers prevention against cardiovascular diseases.

3. They have high fiber content

Close to one-third of Tiger nuts contain dietary fiber. Consuming foods with high dietary fiber can make you feel fuller for a quite long time. That is how tiger nuts can help you maintain or get your a good weight. The dietary fiber in tiger nuts are also good for our digestive system. Besides
the dietary fiber. A good digestive system aids us to have normal excretion of waste products from our digestive

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4. They improve fertility

Tiger nuts are also beneficial for improving sexual performance and fertility. A recent study attested to this. They are also said to improve fertility in both males and females. They also ensure a normal menstruation in females.

5. They strengthen the muscle, bones.

Tiger nuts contain a lot of magnesium and calcium. These minerals gives you good muscles, stronger teeth and bones.

6. They help you sleep better

The milk gotten from tiger nuts
is also not lacking in nutrients. Drinking tiger but milk can help you get adequate sleep and combat insomnia.
Most people who drink tiger nut milk after strenuous activity get good sleep almost immediately.

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7. They contain  healthy fats

Another one of health benefits of tiger nuts is the they contain the healthy fats. The healthy fats in tiger but oil are very similar to olive oil.
Consuming unsaturated fats or vegetable fats and very good for the heart.
Tigernut has a lipid profile that ks similar to that of olive oil, which is said to be one of the healthiest oils. Tiger nuts constitutes of abouts 80% unsaturated fats and only
18% of the cholesterol causing
saturated fat.

8. They help fight malnutrition in children

Children need to eat foods that contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for adequate growth and development. As you might have seen so far, tiger but meets all these criteria.

These tiny tubers are rich in all the important nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat, fiber, calcium, potassium
magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.

9. They are a great source if non meat protein

Recent scientific studies have proven  that tiger nuts have a very high content of proteins
which is significantly higher than wholemeal wheat.
Also, tigernuts have a lot  amino acids, more than the amount your body needs.

10. They can serve as a healthy alternative animal milk

Almost all dairy products are gotten from animals. However, tiger nuts are a great alternative for natural dairy product that is also healthy. In case you are lactose intolerant, tiger but milk is  without lactose, low in fat and rich in calcium.

6 Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

By Collins Nwokolo → Sunday, 21 January 2018

As fathers and mothers we are largely responsible for the health of our family members, including children, spouses and aging parents. Since cardiovascular health is of great concern, introducing heart-healthy habits into your family life is vital. Here is how it can be done.

Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

1. Kick off bad habits
Parents always set a model for healthy or unhealthy behavior. Children in their turn learn a lot from watching and imitating the parents. For example, it is proven that children whose parents smoke are twice as likely to start smoking. Moreover, the longer one of the parents or both of them smoke, the more likely their children will, too. Meantime, many studies detail the evidence that smoking is a leading cause of coronary artery disease.

2. Cut back on watching TV or sitting in front of computer
While watching a family movie is a great way to relax, it’s important to monitor the time your family members spend on screens.  Studies have shown that people who averaged more than 2 hours sitting in front of TV or computers had double risk of developing heart attack and other cardiovascular events, compared to those who allocated less than 2 hours on daily screen time. Therefore, maintain limits on ‘screen time’ and encourage physical activities for recreation instead.

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Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

3. Don’t stress out
Although your family members may not tell you that they are stressed, excessive pressure to perform academically, financially or socially can cause clinical depression. And as it is pointed out by the AHA, 1 in 3 people with depression are likely to suffer myocardial infarction. So, encourage your family members to discuss their concerns openly and seek help when needed. Also learn to relax and kick back from time to time, getting your family members to do the same.

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Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

4. Make healthy food choices
Food choices play a major role in heart disease prevention due to their impact on body weight and cholesterol levels. Avoid saturated fats from junk and processed foods like pastries, cookies, hamburgers as well as red meats, otherwise your cholesterol levels will rocket up resulting in atherosclerosis vs. Include fresh fruits and greens, fish, seafood and nuts into the diet and it’ll be the best reference to heart-friendly eating.

Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

5. Avoid heavy meals
Apart from diet choices, serving size can affect heart health too.  After eating a meal, the levels of the hormone epinephrine rise. This promotes high blood pressure and fast heart rate. Eating habits are best cultivated at an early age. Children under 3 will stop eating on their own when they are full. But after the age of 3, the more is put on their plate, the more they will eat. Therefore, give your kids child-size portions and try to habituate your family to eating small and light meals through the day, instead of overeating during large meals.
Teach your children about feelings of fullness. When you are asked for another helping, instead of saying ‘You have had enough’, say something like ‘You must be really hungry tonight’. This will raise awareness of your child’s feelings.
You can effectively influence your child’s healthy eating behavior by avoiding certain situations and talking in a positive way. For example, instead of saying ‘No’ to your child’s request for cookies, just don’t bring cookies home.  It is easier to create healthy environment at home where there’s limited access to unhealthy foods and unrestricted access to healthy ones instead.

Healthy Habits For The Entire Family

6. Be a role model
Remember, healthy changes cannot be forced, but can be inspired. First adopt healthy living habits in your own life and this will gradually inspire others to follow suit. When you’re determined and persistent, your family will model your behavior.


Richard Johnson is a health blogger. He enjoys writing about healthy lifestyle encouraging people to take care of their health. Richard contributes an informative website about heart health. Connect with CardioGod through Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Top 10 Vital Health Tips For Men in 2018

By Collins Nwokolo → Thursday, 18 January 2018

No doubt, staying healthy is very essential as humans. To enjoy a satisfying, happy life we need to always maintain good health. This is especially important if you a man. Of course, males and females are alike biologically, and employ very similar methods to take care of their health. However, they are certain differences in both. Based on studying the pathophysiology, epidemiology and risk factors, both genders need some specified health tips to maintain their health.
In light of this, today you will be learning the top 10 health tips for men in 2018.

These health tips are based on latest or recent medical findings, research and studies that can help you achieve a healthier life as a man. You can be rest assured that these health tips are going to be very beneficial to you, if you adhere them. Also, note that these health tips are for men of all ages, whether you are young or old.
So please read on!
Health Tips For Men 2018

Health Tips For Men 

1. Visit your doctor regularly
 Health Tips For Men in 2018

One of the main reason why women live longer than men is because of under-diagnosis and underutilization of healthcare. It is an arguable fact, but men hardly visit physicians. Maybe because of their popular beliefs about masculinity, being tough, in control and self reliance that makes them
more likely to ignore their symptoms. This is a serious issue, a doctor is qualified to help you get healthy, and you should visit him or her. What then can you do? Choose a doctor that you're comfortable
with, so you can freely discuss every facet of your health, from your mental wellbeing to your sexual health. Remember that, just because you seem to feeling well doesn’t mean that you are actually well. Don’t ignore subtle symptoms like black stools, painful urination, vision loss , or chest pain. Diana Sanchez, Ph.D., who is an associate
professor of psychology at Rutgers University in
New Brunswick, advised men to see female doctors, she said: "Men overwhelmingly prefer to see male doctors, they consider them more qualified. But they're more likely to be honest with a woman, especially if something's wrong". So if that could probably work for you, please go ahead and get a female doctor.

2. Exercise and control your weight
 Health Tips For Men in 2018

The health benefits of engaging in regular physical exercise cannot be overemphasized.
Exercising has been proven to have enormous physical and mental health benefits.
As a man, exercising regularly can reduce the risk for high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, high diabetes,
obesity, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and many other issues. Regular exercise can also improve your mood and boost your mental health, thereby reducing the risk for depression. If you hardly find time to exercise, probably because of too much work, please create time for exercising. If you are overweight and obese as a man, you stand a chance if getting many health problems now and in the future. The latest medical findings have shown that men who have normal weight can avoid so many diseases. If you are an older man, exercising also becomes increasingly critical for maintaining flexibility and mobility as you age.
Keeping your waistline trim and avoiding excess belly fat through exercising will help you avoid weight-related
problems like type 2 diabetes and arthritis.

3. Quit Smoking completely

Smoking is simply not healthy, many people don't just seem to acknowledge that. If you want to live healthy as a man, you need to quit smoking. The benefits of quitting a smoking
habit are actually many.  For one, quitting smoking now will lower the risk for many medical
problems which include different types of cancer, and
cardiovascular problems. Nonetheless, it is not an easy task to quit smoking. However,
to be successful at quitting the habit, you’ll need to find out the major reason why YOU should quit and let it motivate you. For instance, you would love to feel better now and prevent fatal health problems in the future, or you
would be a good role model for your younger siblings.
There are so many effective methods to help you quit smoking now. Please find them out and start living healthy.

4. Go for the essential screening tests

Going for the right screening tests at the appropriate
time is one of the most important things a man can do to better his health. Screening tests help you discover
diseases early, before they become serious. Screening tests can help you discover a disease even before you begin to show symptoms. Hence, they are easier to treat. For instance,  early detection of colon cancer through colonoscopy can help you treat it immediately. Also, finding diabetes early may help prevent complications such as vision loss and
impotency. Other routine screening tests you should do as a man include:

  • Prostate-Specific antigen (PSA)
  • test
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Lung cancer
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Hepatitis B and C virus testing
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests
  • Cholesterol tests

Normally these  tests you need are based on your age and risk factors.

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5. Drink alcohol in moderation
 Health Tips For Men in 2018

While many men enjoy raising a glass and gulping happily, excessive alcohol consumption can put a man's health in jeopardy. Excessive alcohol consumption is a serious health issue for men. Why is that so?
Men consume more alcohol than women, and engage in binge drinking which leads to many health problems. Why is excessive alcohol so bad for men? At first, alcohol impairs
your judgment, decision-making abilities, and cognitive functions, hence, men have a higher rate of alcohol-related deaths, motor accidents, and violent actions.

In the long run too, excessive alcohol is also dangerous. Recent medical studies have linked long-term alcohol consumption to contribute to heart attack, liver failure, liver diseases and many other types OD cancer.

Please note that alcohol is not entirely bad. A number of
new studies have suggested that moderate drinking of alcohol in
regular but small amounts — can have a beneficial effect on your health.
By the way, you must avoid alcohol if you have other health problems, for example if you have diabetes
or any heart diseases. Furthermore, if you are on
medication that might interact with the alcohol you are trying to consume.

6. Practice meditation
 Health Tips For Men in 2018

Meditation is such a healthy habit and a very vital health tip for men. Many men shy away from meditation, but meditation also has a lot of benefits. Everyday is always full of stress, and problems. Meditation can aid you in reduce stress by stimulating your nervous system and inhibiting the production of stress hormones like cortisol and enhancing he production of stress relieving
chemicals like serotonin.
Practicing meditation daily will help you become a calmer person too, slows down aging and improves mental wellness.

7. Practice safe sex

Another important health tip for men is to practice safe sex. This is a very vital health tip, because the rate of STDs have skyrocketed in the last few years. To keep yourself and your partner healthy, learn take all the necessary precautions when engaging in intercourse. Diseases like HIV/AiDs, Herpes, and gonorrhea on the rise, so please keep yourself safe and healthy.

8. Rest and sleep always
Health Tips For Men 2018

Another health tip for men is to get adequate rest and sleep daily. Men who work very hard, tend to get less rest and poor sleep, however, that shouldn't be the case. Sleep is essential for of mental function.
This includes cognition, concentration, productivity and mental performance. A recent found out that poor sleepers
are at far greater risk of getting heart diseases or stroke than those who slept on average of 7 to 8 hours per night. There are many more reasons that show why sleep is good for your health. This year, strive to get adequate sleep and rest, just everything aside and sleep!

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9. Get a health insurance

A health insurance is a medical coverage that helps you cover medical expenses. Getting a health insurance is a vital key to living a healthy life. In my post, where I explained the reasons to get a health insurance, I mentioned some major reasons why you need to get a health insurance today. It is a an important health tips for every man, because having a health insurance can guarantee you better health management and spare you of unnecessary or unexpected medical expenses. Most men tend to ignore health insurance, and prefer to invest their money on something else. But remember that your health is your priority too, get a health insurance and you and family will be healthy and happy.

10. Start eating healthy diets
 Health Tips For Men in 2018

Food is a lot more than just fuel to your body, it is everything you need. It is imperative for men to eat a healthy diet, because your
can help fight disease and keep you healthy. What are the healthy diets for men?

  • A high fiber diet daily for both younger and older men.
  • Adequate consumption of fish three times a week.
  • Adequate fruits, vegetables daily, to provide you with essential vitamins.
  • High calorie foods for energy
  • Foods high in potassium and dietary fiber.

Admittedly, it is not an easy task to stay healthy as a man. However, if we are willing to apply little effort and strive to adhere to these health tips, we'll live healthy, happy and enjoy your days as men!

Thanks for reading.

8 Common Health Issues That May Trouble You in Old Age

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 15 January 2018

Our busy lifestyle has made it impossible to take time for our body. This is creating some serious problems in the long run as the age increases. It is advisable by doctors and nutritionists to take special care of your diet and lifestyle.Recent studies and research have shown that being physically active can prevent a number of diseases like diabetes, heart disease. Being physically active can help cure depression and enhances mood.It important that you eat right and exercise well as both are important for a healthy being.Get the right nutrients by following a balanced diet  and stay away from these common health issues that our generation face in longer run:

Common health issues in old age

1. Obesity: The most common issue in US and Canada is being overweight. This increases the rate of hypertension, heart disease, respiratory problems, and cancer.

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2. HIV: This problem has increased in the US due to avoid using prevention. AIDS is also one problem which occurs in age groups between 18-50.Generally, this occurs to most adults above 40 age due to the weak immune system.This also persists in them as adults do no use precautions while intercourse and contract this disease.The common symptoms of HIV/AIDS are weight loss, dementia, fatigue.

3. Pollution Problem: Our environment is deteriorating due to the increased pollution and spreading rapidly affecting our lives.These can cause certain breathing issues, lung and heart disease. It is advisable to stay at that places that are less affected by pollution and a regular morning walk is recommended to breathe fresh air.

4. Immunity Problems: As the age goes on increasing the immune system starts becoming weak and can cause diseases like influenza and pneumonia. Taking timely influenza vaccination should be promoted to help out seniors from this disease.

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5. Weak Bones: AS age increases the bone density increases and can cause osteoporosis due to breakage of bones. As we don’t pay attention to our diet and don’t get the essential nutrients from the food resulting in vitamin deficiency which becomes a problem at an older age. Nowadays it is advisable to take vitamin D supplements from early 30’s to get strong bones. This is a severe problem in US and Canada as we do not get appropriate sunlight which is the main source of vitamin D and thus have to rely on vitamins and supplements. Also, following regular exercise can keep body fit and bones intact.

Common health issues in old age

6. Heart Problems: One of the serious concerns among seniors is a heart-related disease. Some heart association has given an estimate that as many as 40 million people above the age of 50 suffer from cardiovascular disease. People also complain of chest pain and breathing problems which are early signs of heart disease. The best way to stay away from this problem is to eat healthily and limit your intake of processed foods. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and quit unhealthy practices such as drinking and smoking.Regular workout, yoga or meditation is a good option to keep yourself active.

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7. Tobacco Addiction: Consumption of tobacco is the biggest cause of early death in the US. This is one such disease which is preventable and there are many centers who have come up with campaigns to remove tobacco addiction to save lives of youngsters.

Common health issues in old age

8. Joint Pain: Our bones and joints tend to become weaker in older age and start problems such as joint pain.  We start feeling stiffness and pain in certain parts of the body.The persistence of such problem can lead to arthritis.It is advisable to consult your doctor when the pain starts to prevent arthritis. Maintain a healthy weight and avoid alcohol to get saved from such problems.

Common health issues in old age

As we get older, we need to remain ever more healthier. Knowing this common medical issues that may affect you in old age, helps to find and apply practical ways to avoid them now. Always stay healthy!

Author Bio: Henry Walker is a Content Strategist and Blogger for Healthy Planet. A writer by day and a reader by night, he is having an experience in writing an SEO-friendly, creative and informative contents for healthcare.

The Insider’s Guide: Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer

By Collins Nwokolo → Saturday, 13 January 2018
First and foremost let me tell you that I am a Personal Trainer, but this post will provide an insightful, unbiased opinion, or better put, pure facts on the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Personal Trainer.
Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer

So if you are looking to get in shape but you really don’t know where to start, this article will go right down your alley. Maybe you’ve never workout before or maybe you can’t afford to pay for a trainer or maybe you simply don’t have the time to go to the gym.
Well, that’s why I’m writing this, to help you out. You basically have 3 options, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at each one and then you can decide on your own which is better for you personally.

Option #1 Train at home
Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer

This option is great for people who don’t have the time to commute to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. So it’s definitely a time saver.
You can also look at it as a money saving option because you don’t need to pay for a gym membership or for a Personal Trainer. But you will need to invest in some equipment or at least in a home workout program to follow.
You can even go as far as building your own little home gym if you are serious about working out. That will definitely be a big one-time investment, but it will pay off in the long run. Additionally, you also need to have the space to install everything.

Pros of training at home
As mentioned above, the biggest advantage of training at home is comfort. You don’t need to commute, get stuck in traffic or pay monthly for a membership.
On top of that, you have available plenty of workout programs, many of them including videos which explain everything really well, which you can use to get you started. They are not as good as getting hands-on advice from someone who has been training for a while, but they will do.
Also, when you work out from home, if you are doing plenty of bodyweight training you can basically workout anywhere. So you could be traveling and still stick to your training routine without worrying about finding a gym.
When you train at home you don’t have to wait in line for the bench press or any other machine and you don’t need to worry about hygiene or distractions.
There are some drawbacks though.

Cons of training at home
The main downside of training at home is that you will never have someone to teach you the moves, to motivate you or to guide you through your workouts. You are on your own. You need to be a self-taught individual and you need to find the inner motivation that will keep you going when the workouts start to feel harder.
If you are a complete beginner, this is a major drawback because it will take you a long time to work on your form or to design a workout routine which is optimal or your goals, whatever they may be.
So, if you do not know much about training I would recommend at least getting to a gym where you can find a training partner or even a personal trainer to get you started on everything. On top of that, I personally find that public gyms have a different atmosphere which is more motivating.

Option #2 Get a gym membership
Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer

Your second option would be to get a gym membership. And this is what most people do.
They go out to a gym which is close enough to either their home or their office and they get a monthly or yearly membership which gets them access to the gym. This is how I started training and it worked out great for me.

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Pros of getting a gym membership
What I like about public gym is that you get access to tons of equipment and machines that are worth hundreds thousands of dollars. You can never have all that in your home gym. So you can perform any exercise or movement you can think off, there are no limitations. You also get access to extra facilities such as a sauna, a pool or Jacuzzi.
But the biggest advantage is that you get to be around people from whom you can learn a lot. You can always find someone to train with, someone to get an advice from or someone to spot you. On top of that, I find a public gym to be more motivating and you will probably be more likely to stick with your training than if you would work out from home.

Cons of getting a gym membership
Your local gym might not always be that close by. Sometimes it can take 30 minutes ride to get there, especially if you are living in a big and crowded city. So if you don’t have that much time on hand, that might be an issue.
Another downside is that public gyms, the bigger ones mainly, can get really crowded sometimes, especially in the afternoon when everybody gets off from work or from school. So if you can, try to go to the gym early in the morning.
Some people feel embarrassed in a public gym, which would negatively affect their workouts. If that’s you maybe you would be better off with training at home or at a smaller gym.
Moreover, the cost of a monthly gym membership can add up over time, so you will probably end up spending more than you would’ve built your own home gym.

Option #3 Hiring a Personal Trainer
Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer

Lastly but not least, you have the option of getting yourself a Personal Trainer.
This is a great option if you lack knowledge. You simply don’t have any idea what exercises you need to be doing or how to diet and you don’t have the time to do a research and figure out what to do. By hiring a personal trainer you don’t need to worry about any of that.

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Pros of hiring a Personal Trainer
The biggest downside of getting yourself a personal trainer is that you instantly get access to years and years of knowledge and experience right off the bat. This means you will start doing all the right exercises right from day one.
That’s extremely important. As a beginner, you will see most of your progress in your first 6 months to 1 year after you started training. So if you are following a training routine which is optimal for you, your progress will be even better.
Most personal trainers will also provide you with a meal plan to support your training plan and your goals. They can do on the fly changes to your routine based on how you are doing and they are always there to keep you motivated.
You will be less likely to skip a training day when you know there’s someone there waiting for you and hold you accountable for it.
And lastly but not least, the risks of injuring yourself by doing something stupid in the gym is so much smaller when you have someone with more experience watching your back.

Cons of hiring a Personal Trainer
The biggest drawback is obviously the cost. Personal Trainers are not cheap and if you add to it the cost if the gym membership in can add up to quite a substantial amount each month.
Another disadvantage may be the lack of knowledge and experience. You don’t want to assume right from the start that all personal trainers are super experienced and will know exactly what works best for you. So you might end up spending a ton of money on a trainer which will not get you the results you are after.
That’s why I always recommend hiring personal trainers that your friends recommend or trainers that have proven records of their work.

Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer

Over to you

Remember that there’s no right or wrong choice here. Whether you decide to work out from the comfort of your own home, get a gym membership or get a personal trainer, if you make a thoughtful choice you can’t go wrong.
Just pick the one which fits you best at this time. As a complete beginner, you want to either find a training partner or hire a personal trainer to guide you. As you become more experienced you should be fine working out on your own, either at home or at a local gym.

Author bio:

Tyler is a NASM certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. In addition to training a wide variety of clients, Tyler is also the founder and senior editor of; a website designed to help people become industry leading personal trainers. You can also check out PTPinoeer’s YouTube channel as well.