How You Can Become A Successful Health Blogger.

By Collins Nwokolo Monday, 26 June 2017
Health and fitness are essential to the life of humans. Various topics under health have been extensively written, read and studied by numerous people worldwide. The health sector is also very profitable. This and many more reasons have made many people to venture into health blogging. There are also other noteworthy reasons why some have entered health blogging. Maybe you have the knowledge and you think blogging is the best way to express it or you have an experience that you want to share with others. How can you be  successful health blogger? Whether you want to delve into health blogging or you have been a health blogger, you will need to consider this article carefully if you want to succeed in health blogging. In this article, I will be sharing my experience and knowledge as a health and fitness blogger, so you can become a successful blogger.
How to be a Successful health blogger

1. Find the right niche for you
Health blogging is so wide, there are a lot of sub niches under health. Some popular sub niches like weight loss, diet, diseases, pregnancy, healthcare, women's health, fitness and mental health all have little sub niches that are under each category. Many bloggers recommend that you narrow the category to a specific sub niche and focus on it. This is good, because it can help you reduce competition and you could a master in your chosen sub niche. However, I decided to write on all topics under health because I am very versatile and I didn't want to limit myself. But I will advise you to choose a specific sub niche to blog about.
How then can you find the right health niche? One way is by being evaluating each category and finding the one you have more knowledge on. Before choosing a niche study others blogs under your chosen niche and examine if you can blog about the topic for years.

How to be a successful health blogger

2. Connect with other health bloggers
Before I began blogging, I networked with so many health and fitness bloggers online. They helped and coached me in the basics of health blogging, and today they still help me till today. Blogging is very competitive today, so if you want to succeed in blogging you need guidance from people.
Find the health bloggers in your niches and connect with them on social media. You can talk to them about your desire to become a health blogger, or ask them for advise on choosing the adequate health niche. Even current health bloggers can benefit greatly by connecting with fellow bloggers. For example, you can generate traffic to your blog from a retweet or social share from an established health bloggers.
You should also network with healthcare professionals, like doctors, certified fitness trainers, nutritionists and psychologists in your blogging niche.

How to be a successful health blogger

3. Write helpful contents
This is the main work you put in as a successful health blogger. As a blogger, you need to write content that are catchy and amazing. However, as a health blogger your content shouldn't just be great, it should be beneficial to your readers. People want to know how this or that can help them live healthy, it is your job to point that out in the most appealing way.
I wrote some of my best articles when I began blogging (my best is still yet to come). Your goal whenever you are creating content on your weight loss, diet or wellness blog should be "How will this information help the overall health and wellbeing of my reader?". Make sure you readers benefit from your articles.
Additionally, you need to make your content SEO friendly. It will increase the chances of your content being read. Find trending keywords in your niche and write extensively on them. There are so many SEO tips you can learn online.

4. Research meticulously
Except, you are writing about your personal experience, you should research each article meticulously before posting. Every health claim in your article should be adequately cited. Before providing health advice or tips, make sure you have correctly researched all the latest information on the topic. It will help your readers know that you can be trusted.

How to be a successful health blogger

5. Be active on social media
Regularly promoting your blog posts on social media will help you gain readers and audience faster. But if you are active on social media, it becomes even better. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google ➕ are all great outlets for this.
Tweeting with the popular, trending health hashtags will help your information reach a larger audience.

How to be a successful health blogger

6. Be friendly and conversational
If you want to have committed readers on your health blog, you have to be friendly with them. Good health bloggers communicate with their readers with friendliness and openness. Write articles in the first person, and tell personal stories. I try as much as possible to reply all the good comments on my blog. If you are health blogger you should do the same too.

How to be a successful health blogger

7. Remember the important health days
This is a way I used in getting so many readers to my blog. There are certain days in the year that are celebrated and are related to health and wellbeing. For example, the World health day on April 7.
There are also health and diseases awareness days you should take note of. Producing content in these days will certify you as a health blogger and drive traffic to your blog.

How to be a successful health blogger

8. Find ways to monetize your blog
Health blogging is a very blogging profitable niche, so a successful health blogger should monetize his or her blog. There are manifold ways you can earn as a health and fitness blogger. You can use Google AdSense, or other pay per click networks. Affiliate marketing is also very great for bloggers. You can also sell beneficial ebooks or create an online store and sell health products to your readers, or even sell ad spaces to sponsors. The key is to keep experimenting different methods you can earn. I have learnt that different blog earn money in different ways, so keep trying till you find the one that works for your blog.
Don't expect or try to earn money at once, it took me 8 months before I earned my first $10 and 10 months before I added my advertising page.
Don't be in a rush to earn  money, it will eventually come, just focus on two things, writing great content and making sure as many people as possible get to read it.

9. Read and post on other health blogs
You can gain a lot of vital information from other health blogs and use it on your blog. For example a fitness blogger might read an article about a workout routine on a fellow fitness blogger's blog and decide to incorporate that workout routine as a video in his own blog.
Another way is to guest post on other blogs. Guest posting will help you gain readers from other blogs.

10. Help other bloggers
Every successful blogger should always be willing render assistance to a fellow blogger. This is especially for health bloggers. Don't view them as competitiors but as a fellow bloggers sharing useful information. Help newbie bloggers by sharing their blog posts online and offering them guidance. They will later help you in return, keep that in mind.
How to be a successful health blogger

In conclusion, you can become a successful health blogger if are focused, hardworking and consistent.
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