How To Improve Your Social Health

By Collins Nwokolo Tuesday, 5 April 2016
How to improve your social health

Do you know that many people today don't know that having a good social health is an important key to having a great health and wellbeing? Don't worry, today you'll learn what social health is all about, it's importance and above all how to improve your social health.

What is social health?
Social health simply means the ability to create good relationships, relate well with others and adapt to any social situation. A person with a great social health comfortably associate with people, and communicate freely.

Social health is as important as having good physical or mental health because being socially healthy means you will have a stable life. A good social health will help you avoid depression, anxiety and sometimes even stress. It could also help in improving your general health and wellbeing.

What shows that you are not socially healthy?
A lot of people today have very poor social health, they find it extremely difficult to associate or relate with other people. This is could be because of varying circumstances such as upbringing or temperament.
But regardless of any circumstances, you need to maintain a good social health, it's very essential. 

Also the rise in technological innovations has made many people reclusive and contributed to many people having poor social health.

What shows that you don't have a good social health? Let's find out with these simple test!
Answer the following questions:

• Do you always feel depressed, lonely and bored? Yes/No/Maybe

• Do you find it extremely difficult to confidently speak out to your opinions? Yes/No/Maybe

• Do you find it hard in adapting to different social situations? Yes/No/Maybe

• Would you describe yourself as having an active life? Yes/No/Maybe

• Do you find it difficult to answer 'what have you been to recently' by your peers? Yes/No/Maybe

If you answered 'Yes' to at least 3 questions and 'Maybe' to at least 4 questions, then I guess there is something wrong.

How To Improve Your Social Health
I've mentioned the benefits of a good social health and the consequences of having a poor one. Now let's find out what you can do to improve your social health. These is very important for everyone, learn and find out where you need to improve on.

1. Establish a good self esteem
The first step you have to take to improve your social health is by establishing a proper self esteem for yourself. Always remind yourself why you are special and the good things you have done and achieved. Remember, no matter what, you are special person regardless of what you think of yourself.

Being mentally secure with yourself will help you individual maintain healthy relationships.

2. Communicate
There's no way you can improve your social health without communicating. Make a good effort in improving your communication skills, then associating with people won't be a problem. 

Communicate with people in your workplaces, and listen more, talk less. Avoid gossip too.

3. Find people that have the same interest as you
The best and easiest way to improve your social health is by first, starting to find and relate with people who have similar interests with you. The will help you feel a lot more comfortable to interact freely.

How to improve your social health

4. Try new things and meet new people
After you've mixed with people that have similar interests with you. Learn about new things and find new interests, try new skills. Once in a while travel and meet new people.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle
A healthy life is what everyone needs, living a healthy life will give you confidence to interact with people.

6. Do what makes you happy
If you have a hobby or some activity you enjoy a lot, create time to do it. Don't just do it alone but along with other people and loved ones.

Thanks for reading.

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Nwokolo Collins

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14 comments to ''How To Improve Your Social Health"

  1. I think exercise and being active is very important for the social health! If you feel just slight depressed talking to someone or go sweat yourself out you will feel tremendously different!

  2. I've been (or still) depressed when I lost my husband. Ever since, I'm working hard to pick myself up and it's never an easy task. All these tips help a lot.

    1. I'm really glad you found this tips helpful. Thank you!

  3. We home school our middle child because he has ADHD and Social Anxiety disorder. It's hard for him to comfortable fit in with large groups and he often avoided them all together. The best thing we have found is his youth group at church. Same people every week in a environment he is comfortable with. People understand if he needs to take a minute. Now he's finally making friends.

    1. You can aim to bolster his confidence by helping to interact with more people, even if they are not in his age level.

  4. I think it's awesome that you're sharing this. It's good to work on your social health especially since interaction is something that we can't avoid. Love the tips!

  5. Yes, do what makes you happy! Travel as much as possible and when you're not traveling, try as many new things as possible!

  6. Cell phones are definitely making people less social! Great post!

  7. With all the social media this days it's getting harder for people to be social but you highlighted really good points! Try new things and meet new people it's one of the best ones for me.

  8. It was really interesting to read on the physical affects of such thing. I myself an introvert so I wouldn't say I'm socially healthy but I'm working on it.Great tips you shared though! I'd add only one thing...because I think/feel social media makes everything even worse, I'd say "Less connection online, and more in real life".

    1. You said the right thing, Anna. More connections in real life and you will be socially healthy!

  9. These are some interesting tips to promote improved social health. I found that working in a multicultural environment where I interacted on a daily basis with individuals from different nationalities and backgrounds made me much more comfortable dealing with strangers and crowds.

  10. Some great and positive tips here, social can certainly get us down, but being mindful certainly helps.

  11. Great tips. Totally needed in today's day.


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