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5 Proven Medical Uses Of Marijuana

By Collins Nwokolo → Sunday, 23 July 2017

Marijuana is a very popular herb that is smoked or ingested by many people for euphoric sensation. It has been abused by a lot of people and hence termed illegal in many places. However, marijuana can be used to benefit your overall and well being. Such marijuana is called medical marijuana. What is medical marijuana? What are the health benefits and medical uses of medical marijuana? And are they any side effects of using medical marijuana? It is important that you know the answers to these questions because it is a widely debated topic.

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana, also called medical cannabis are dried buds of cannabis, which are used medically. They are cannabinoids, prescribed by doctors for medical therapy. The cannabis plant contains over 400 chemicals out of which 70 are cannabinoids. The number of chemicals in cannabis has made it difficult to study.
There are two main
cannabinoids in marijuana that
researchers and government officials believe have medicinal properties. These are cannabidiol (CBD) which has effects the brain and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has pain relieving and other useful medical applications.
Cannabis has been widely used for recreational purposes and it's medical usage is controversial, because it's production has been restricted by governments. Because of these restrictions the use of cannabis as a medicine has not been meticulously studied or  tested. However some countries and states have legalized cannabis production and have reported it has a lot of medical uses. So what are scientifically proven health benefits of medical marijuana? You'll find out shortly.

Medical uses of medical marijuana

Do you know that only 6% of studies with medical marijuana are aimed at determining it's medical uses.
Although there is limited scientific evidence, there are few proven medical uses of medical marijuana.

1. Treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

Chemotherapy treatment is associated with adverse effects such as nausea and vomiting, called chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV).
A systematic review of the published literature as of
2001 evaluated 30 trials and over 1300 patients. The review concluded that cannabinoids such as nabilone, dronabinol etc. were more effective than
conventional anti-emetics such as prochlorperazine, promethazine, and metaclompramide in treating acute CINV. However CINV treatment with cannabis is seldom used because it has side effects like dizziness and dysphoria.

2. Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

Medical marijuana has been shown to benefit people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In fact, in New Mexico, PTSD treatment is a major reason why medical marijuana is used.  Cannabinoids, like THC, help regulate the nervous system in ths brain. It suppresses feelings of fear and anxiety in the body and brain.

3. Treatment of glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve, caused by increased intraocular pressure. The National Eye Institute  reported that smoking of marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure in the eye. Hence, marijuana has been widely discussed as an alternative treatment for treating glaucoma. But there are some pitfalls to using medical marijuana as a form of treatment. First, its action is short and lasts for 3 to 4 hours only. Second, it's effects on your mood prevents you from driving or working. Finally, it also reduces blood pressure, which in turn reduces blood supply to the optic nerve. It is not recommended for long term clinical use.

4. Treatment of chronic pain

A study in 2011, showed that cannabis is effective in the treatment of chronic pain caused by multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. Recent reviews have proved that cannabinoids
were effective for treating chronic pain. Another study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal
suggested that medical marijuana is a reliable method of treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

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5. Prevention of epileptic seizures

In 2003, a study by Robert J. DeLorenzo, of Virginia
Commonwealth University, showed that medical cannabis was able to rid epileptic rats of the seizures for up to 10 hours.
THC, a cannabinoid, does this by binding to
the areas in the brain responsible for
controlling excitability and stimulating relaxation.
Another amazing evidence came to light in 2013 when Charlotte Figi, then an eight year old, who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy was documented. Medical marijuana treatment was able to drastically reduce her seizures from 300 a week to just once a week.

Side effects of using medical marijuana

Common side effects that result from use or long term use marijuana includes:

• Decreased concentration levels and dizziness

• Short-term memory loss

• Decreased sex drive in some people.

• Irritation to the lungs, risk of developing
chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.

• Dependence and addiction to cannabis.
 Pregnant women and people with heart diseases are to avoid marijuana.

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6 Simple Low Carbs Recipes For Weight Loss

By Collins Nwokolo → Friday, 21 July 2017
Consuming a low carb diet is a great way to lose weight fast through eating. Here are 6 very simple know carb diet recipes for a successful weight loss.

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1. Steamed ginger fish
Low carb diet recipe

Fish is low in carbohydrates and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid is essential for our body compared to omega 6 as taking too much of omega 6 can cause inflammation. Fish also contains vitamins such as vitamin D and B2 which helps in hair growth. Fish is also rich in minerals like magnesium, iodine and etc. Eating fish twice a week can help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health according to American Heart Association (AHA). I enjoy fish grilled compared to baked or fried. Try not to eat fried fish as frying the fish require high amount of oil which will increase your chances of gaining weight. Grilled, steamed or baked fish it a healthier choice. Ginger has many benefits but the most important benefit is it aids in digestion. These two ingredients put together boost your metabolism and supports weight loss.
1 fish
1 Ginger sliced
Pinch of Salt
½ tsp Turmeric powder
2 Red chili sliced
3 cloves of garlic chopped
1 Onion finely sliced or diced
2 Tbsp coconut oil

You can use any type of fish but, be sure to clean the fish before including them into your pan. Marinate your fish with turmeric powder and salt and put it aside. Heat your pan and pour 2 Table spoon of oil and drop your onions, garlic, and red chili and sliced ginger and stir fry them till your onions and garlics turn golden brown. Pour ¼ cup of water and put your marinated fish into the pan and cook till the fish is ready to be eaten.

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2. Beef patties
Low carb diet recipes

Beef is rich in protein and it is one of the red meats which you should not push away from your diet. Let’s talk about grass fed beef and a corn fed beef. Which is the best beef to been consumed? Obviously, a grass fed beef as it contain high in CLA which is “conjugated linoleic acid”. CLA helps in burning your fat. The moment you hear a food that burns your fats, you would go crazy on the net looking for them. I understand because, I have done the same thing. For your benefit, I have written list of foods that contains CLA and also explained about CLA and its benefits.
1 pound of grass fed beef
1 tsp Pepper
Pinch of Salt
2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Mixed herbs
1 egg
2 Tbsp coconut oil

Mix all the ingredients together in a clean blow and form flat circle patties using your both palm. Once you have formed all the patties, freeze them in the freezer for 30-60 minutes to absorb the entire flavor before you grill them.

3. Scrambled eggs
Low carb diet recipes

Scrambled eggs are my daily breakfast and I normally take two eggs a day. I understand sometimes it gets boring when your meal is the same every morning. But there is a way I usually spice it up. I am not sure if you would like the way I make my scrambled eggs but, you can choose or choose not to follow. The main ingredients that are included in this recipe are eggs, chili paste, spring onions and flax seeds.

Flax seeds contain soluble fiber which helps to clear bad cholesterol from the blood stream when digested. Moreover, flax seeds are rich in omega 3 and 6 but, flax seeds contain more of omega 3 than 6 which is a plus benefit as, omega 3 prevents inflammation. Make sure to get a flax seeds which are grind and not a whole flax seeds. Flax seeds as a whole will not be able to digest in our body thus; all the nutrients in the flax seeds will be flush down in our system.
1 whole Onion
3 Cloves of garlic
Chili powder
Pinch of Salt
2 Eggs
2 Tbs of Coconut oil
1 Tbs of Spring onions
1 Tbs of Flax seeds

Soak your anchovies for 30mins in a bowl of tap water to soften the surface of the anchovies. This way, the anchovies will be easily blended in your blender. Next for the chili paste, in a blender grind onion, garlic, chili powder, soaked anchovies and salt till it forms a smooth paste. Note: if you find it difficult to blend your chili paste, you can include ¼ cup of water. This chili paste can be stored in your fridge for weeks.
In heated pan, pour coconut oil and 1 Tbsp of the chili paste. Once the chili paste is heated, crack in your eggs and stir till you get your desired texture. Finally, serve with 1 Tbsp of flax seeds and enjoy!

4. Seasoned chicken breast meat with spinach cottage cheese

Spinach is high in calcium, magnesium, fiber; vitamin A and C spinach also contains many other good sources of nutrients. Including full fat cottage cheese, which aids in weight loss as, full fat cottage cheese contains high in CLA which is “conjugated linoleic acid” and CLA helps in burning your fat. Chicken on the other hand is high in protein.
2 lean chicken breast meat
2 tsp Paprika
2 Pinch of Salt
2 tsp Mixed herbs
2 Tbsp Coconut oil
Cottage cheese ingredients:
1 Packet of Spinach
2 Tbsp full fat Cottage cheese
Pinch of Salt
2 Tbsp coconut oil

Heat a pan with coconut oil and season the chicken with paprika, salt and mixed herbs. Be sure to season both sides of the chicken and grill it till cooked on both sides. Next, in a pan pour the coconut oil and include the spinach and cook it till it cooks or shrinks. You can put a lid on top of the pan. Finally, season it with salt and include the cottage cheese and enjoy!

5. Tabbouleh salad (vegan)
Low carb diet recipes for weight loss

To tell you the truth, I started knowing about Tabbouleh salad through Laura Vitale she is the chef and host on a cooking channel, Laura in the kitchen on YouTube. After watching her cooking and after my mouth watering, I started to research on bulgur wheat as it is the main ingredient in the dish. Bulgur wheat is a great substitute for rice as rice contains high in carbohydrate. Bulgur wheat contains fiber and is low in glycemic index this is beneficial for both diabetic patients and someone who wants to lose weight. I have personally tried this dish and loved it and I would not like to alter any of the ingredients or method she has included. Thus, I have brought you the original recipe of Laura’s Tabbouleh salad. Enjoy!

1 cup of Bulgur Wheat
1 ½ cups of Water
Juice of 2 Small Lemons
1 Bunch of Parsley, Finely chopped
2 Tbsp of Mint, Finely Chopped
1 Large Cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut into small dice
4 Scallions, trimmed and finely chopped
3 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Add the water in small saucepan and bring to a boil, season with a little salt and add in the bulgur, stir to mix and cover with a lid. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 12 to 15 minutes or until the bulgur have absorbed all the water and it’s gotten tender. In a large bowl, add the chopped cucumber, scallions, mint, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil, season with salt and pepper and toss to coat everything in the dressing. When the bulgur is done cooking, fluff it with a fork and add it to the vegetable mixture. Toss everything together using two forks. Serve right away or cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

6. Peanut butter Coconut ice cream (vegan)
Low carb diet recipes for weight loss

When making an ice cream, you would require an ice cream machine. But, you still can make an ice cream without an ice cream machine and still get the smooth like consistency. One of the other important ingredients that I have mentioned almost in all my low carbohydrate recipes is coconut and I know, some of you would wonder why I use coconut. Coconut contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidant. The enzymes in the coconut, aids in breaking down your food and digest them to absorb the nutrients, without the help of your enzymes from your pancreas. Read my myths page to understand more about coconut and its myths behind it and how it helps in weight loss.
3 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tsp of raw cacao
2 Tbsp of coconut sugar

In a saucepan, heat 1cup of milk with ½ cup of peanut butter till the peanut butter dissolves. Then add the remaining milk, cacao, and coconut sugar and stir till all mixed together. Remove the saucepan and pour the peanut butter coconut sauce into a bowl or a deep container to store in the freezer for 4-5 hours. Make sure to stir it every hour to prevent ice crystals to form. Enjoy!

A low carb diet meal plan can help you lose weight. Try out these recipes and watch your pounds shed.

Top 7 Tips for Teeth Whitening At Home

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 17 July 2017
Top tips for Teeth whitening at home

Your smile is probably the first thing noticed by anyone you meet. You will never want to show off your yellow teeth in front of anyone. Improper dental care and consumption certain foods like tea, coffee and even cigarettes may cause your teeth to turn yellow in no time.
There are many techniques that may brighten your teeth like pearls but they generally involve tooth bleaching using chemicals that may even cause side effects, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Here are top 5 tips for teeth whitening at home which helps in naturally whitening the teeth without any side effects:

 I. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables
Chewing crunchy fruits like apples and pears helps in polishing the teeth and remove stubborn stains naturally. Eating such fruits produce increased saliva in your mouth protecting your teeth from bacteria which may cause cavities. Certain vegetables like carrots and celery when eaten raw works in the same way to provide you a whither and healthier teeth.

 II. Rub strawberries on your teeth
Rubbing strawberries or applying mashed strawberries on your teeth may help in keeping stains away and naturally bleach your teeth to make it whiter. Strawberries contain malic acid, an enzyme which helps in teeth whitening. This enzyme is often used by many whitening toothpaste to brighten your smile.

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 III. Banana peel
This is yet another effective method to brighten your teeth. It contains potassium, magnesium and manganese which helps in removing stains and make teeth brighter. Rub banana peels gently over your teeth and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with water and brush with your regular paste. Repeating this for at least twice a week may show visible result in a short duration of time.

 IV. Rub citrus fruits on your teeth
Citrus fruits help in bleaching your teeth naturally, especially lemon. Just like lemon helps in bleaching hair, it is also used in bleaching teeth. Rubbing your teeth with lemon peel or applying lemon juice diluted with equal amounts of water also helps in natural bleaching of every corner of teeth.
But it is important to learn that it should not be used more than twice a week because more frequent use of lemon may destroy the tooth enamel and also cause cavities. Other citrus fruits that may be used for this purpose are oranges and pineapples.

 V. Brush with baking Soda
This is one of the best remedies for teeth whitening at home. Most experts suggest brushing with baking soda for a thorough cleaning of teeth. Mix baking soda with lemon juice and brush your teeth with this mixture.
You may use salt instead of lemon if you have sensitive teeth. Baking soda is nothing but sodium carbonate which helps in removing stubborn stains from your teeth. Since this process is abrasive, you should apply it no more than once a week.

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 VI. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide
You may use hydrogen peroxide diluted with equal amount of water to regularly rinse your mouth instead of using an alcohol based mouth wash. Since hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic it kills and prevents further growth of bacteria in mouth. It also stops bad breadth and oxidizes your mouth and hence whitens teeth. Keep the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in your mouth swishing around your teeth for 1 minute and spit it. Let the bubbles sit for another minute and rinse off your mouth with plain water.

 VII. Brush and floss regularly
Apart from following any of the teeth whitening techniques, it is important to regularly brush your teeth. If possible brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice everyday to prevent stains. Lack of brushing causes plaque to develop which imparts the yellow color to your teeth. Keeping it clean not only increases your oral health but also whiten the teeth. Never overlook flossing as it may help in removing plaque from corners of your teeth where your brush cannot reach. This may cause uneven coloring of your teeth making your smile more awkward.

Top tips for Teeth whitening at home

Though there are many professional teeth whitening techniques available nowadays, you may try to whiten your teeth in simple and easy ways at home. It may not cause the same effect as done by a professional but will definitely help you to some extent to provide you with sparkling white teeth and increase your confidence. Since these remedies are natural they do not create any side effect.

5 Reasons Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

By Collins Nwokolo → Friday, 14 July 2017
It may come as a surprise to you that yoga can help you to lose weight. Although the practice doesn’t allow you burn a lot of calories, it has its place in weight loss. The ancient practice of yoga has many physiological effects that have been used for centuries. One of its capabilities is to keep the body fit and strong. It does this in a variety of ways and hits the entities that live within you.
Here are 5 reasons yoga can help you to lose weight.
Reasons Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

1. The Way Your Mind Changes

The mind and body can change in subtle ways but create great change. Yoga was designed to tap into your mind through various poses. Certain poses will relax the mind which sends messages to muscles to also relax. You also change the way the mind perceives reality. The cycle of the body changing the mind can equate to the mind changing the body. You’ll also be much less likely to binge and purge. To abstain from eating and then eating every fattening thing you see in the kitchen.
Yoga allows you maintain a more centered outlook on all aspects actually. One of the yogic benefits and how it alters your mind positively is that you can focus better. You are more likely to relax so you won’t emotionally eat to stave off stress. As yoga has been proven through studies to help control stress reactors in the brain, it explains why it’s a healthy diet alternative. It doesn’t matter if you do the most intense workout or long, restorative poses. 
Reasons Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

2. Yoga Helps Us to Go Easier on Ourselves

One of the main contributing reasons we will gain weight over and over is due to this self-defeating prophecy we go through. We want to lose weight and so we try everything. We push ourselves to new limits all of a sudden and expect this to work. When it doesn’t, we will often beat ourselves up. When you do that, you will probably head to the fridge and emotionally eat. Then you feel guilty and you may just eat more. It’s an evil cycle. The key may be to focus on a compassionate relationship with yourself for weight loss success.
Yoga helps you to go within and form a meaningful relationship with yourself. You’re going to be a lot less prone to beating yourself up. You may even care less that your dress doesn’t fit quite right at the moment. Feeling the inner sense of self will allow you to see that you’re not just the body you inhabit. That may alleviate the stress you put on being this perfect person on the outside. When you rely less on how you look on the outside, you’ll make healthier decisions. You won’t starve yourself or overeat. You’ll be able to center yourself which will center your behaviors. 

3. Binging Can Be Reduced with At-Home Yoga 

Reasons Yoga Helps You Lose Weight


When you get into doing yoga at home, you can often stave off cravings that may cause you to binge. For example, if you really want chocolate ice cream, tell yourself you can have that treat. The deal is to first head to your yoga mat and do five minutes of yoga. A sun salutation, one pose of deep stretching or just hanging out in child’s pose for five minutes. If you do still want that ice cream, you’ll likely just take a mindful scoop and enjoy every little lick of it. This replaces old habits of filling the bowl full of ice cream, eating it all rapidly and not enjoying it. How you eat food is as important as what you eat. When you mindfully eat a treat as opposed to allowing it to have control over you, you can enjoy it.
Why do we have weird cravings at home?
It is in our home where we will let down the walls that we put up in the outside world. This can allow us to let go of our emotions. While it’s a good thing, sometimes, we’ll use instant gratification to handle these heavy emotions. Some might drink, some might smoke, and some will eat. Eating to repress painful emotions will only make you feel worse. So when you use yoga as a way of coping with emotions, you lessen the desire to emotionally eat. 

4. Yoga Makes You Want to Eat Better

Yoga is often just the beginning of someone’s journey to optimum health. If you finish a yoga class, you have a wonderful buzz going throughout your system. Eat a chocolate bar and you kind of kill that really blissful feeling. You will get to the point where the risk (eating badly) isn’t worth the little sugar buzz you get from it.
Yoga will cause you to crave different foods. Instead of chocolate, you’ll want pure foods that have been kissed by the sun or hugged by the earth. You’ll want salads and root vegetables. You’ll crave fruit like mangoes and bananas. Your journey to health and wellness starts with yoga. The rest will follow if you commit to a regular class. It’s okay to eat something sinful from time to time. It’s just important that it doesn’t control your life. 

5. Yoga Melts off Belly Fat

The melting of belly fat via yoga does not insinuate you have to do plank pose daily. Actually, the act of any kind of yoga will help you burn belly fat. Why? Fat will collect on your belly due to physical manifestation of your stress. The less you stress, the less fat you’ll collect. Here’s how it works. The rise of the stress hormone, cortisol, is what causes that belly fat. Yoga reduces cortisol levels so when you do workout, you’ll have an easier time shedding fat from the belly.
The slow, kind practice of restorative yoga is one of the best ways to burn fat from your body. It is the slow stretching poses that work magic on the body. You will experience the benefits the more you practice and the longer you do it.
The mind, body, and soul all feed off one another. Yoga reunites all of these aspects of you in a harmonious way. Basically, yoga will help you lose weight in indirect ways (the mind and soul) as well as directly via the body.
Reasons Yoga Helps You Lose Weight
Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International, a yoga teacher training based in Singapore. Siddhi Yoga runs intensive, residential trainings in India (Rishikesh, Goa and Dharamshala), Indonesia (Bali)
Website: https://­

8 Workouts You Can Do At Home To Get The Perfect Summer Body

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 11 July 2017
What if we tell you, that getting a hot summer body without paying anyone is possible by following these 7 simple workouts that you can do at home? It is POSSIBLE.
Workouts to get summer body at home

Seems weird right, but trust us, getting fit at home is possible. Everyone is running wild with ideas on how to get the perfect body in a gym and which workout to follow. But if you are short on cash, gym seems too expensive and far away and you don’t have the time between cooking dinners to working out, you need more options. If you are thinking about joining a gym, that will worry you ten-fold more considering you have plenty of things that you need to take care of, how will you manage the bills, the gym fee, and the awkward socialization at gyms, the stinky sweat odor and the terrible music choice which will demotivate you instead of making you happy? This year has a different set of fitness trends and you need to keep up.

People hate going to the gym because the traffic sucks. It makes you feel like deciding to go to the gym is the worst decision you ever made. If your gym is far from your workplace or home, it will add to the monthly fuel expense as well. Besides, we are born to be lazy. We would rather sit on our couch all day watching god knows what show and not move at all.

The best you think you can do is walk around the block after your dinner but that will not give you the desired results when it comes to fitness.  Simplicity is the best option. Here is a list of 8 simple workouts that you can do at home to get a summer body and you can squeeze them in your schedule whenever and wherever you see fit. After all, your home, your rules.

1. Plank
Apart from being terribly underrated, this exercise is also cheap and effective. It is a one-move static exercise that helps you build a strong core, ripped abs and tough shoulders. Start by getting into a push-up position on the floor, bend your elbows in a 90 degrees angle and hold yourself on the elbows, forearms, and forefeet. Make a straight line from head to feet and hold it for as long as you can without moving your waist or hips.

2. Squats
To begin, position yourself in standing position with your feet placed in line with your shoulders. Find your balance and slowly bend your legs at the knees, arms positioned straight out in front of you. Lower yourself into an almost sitting position. While you do that, make sure that your back is as straight as possible. Push yourself back up and repeat.

Workouts to get summer body at home

3. Boxing
Boxing rounds help you lose over 600 calories in less than 45 minutes. So what you need to do is buy a sturdy set of a punching bag with a badass pair of training boxing gloves from the summer sale and use your attic or garage. This intense workout will leave you dripping in sweat. It is great for toning your arms and by trimming extra weight. Your one-time investment that will last long while making you strong and toned at the same time.

4. Butterfly Stretching
Flexibility is one thing that is a completely ‘good’ thing. Loosen up and start with sitting tall on the floor with soles of feet together, knees bent out to the sides. Grab your feet with hands and engage your abs. slowly release. Don’t get uncomfortable, ease into it. You’ll get the hang of it in less than a week.

5. Swan Stretch
To start, lay face down on the floor with hands in front of shoulders, fingers facing forward and your legs together and extended behind you. Press into your hands to lift your belly off the floor. Then, keeping your abs engaged, shoulders down and pelvis grounded, extend your upper body away from the mat and reach out. Hold for at least 30-40 seconds after drawing your shoulder blades out. Do five reps. It is equally a great workout routine for losing weight.

6. Swimming
If you have a small swimming pool in the back yard, you should have a smoking hot body. Swimming is an excellent calorie burner, a great sport for losing weight and it helps to cure several physical problems such as joint pain, arthritis, asthma etc. it will also improve your strength while making you lose weight. The best swimming exercise to begin at home is a full body swim that will help your glutes, hamstrings, and abdominals. Modify pool workouts. Paddle in the swimming pool on an imaginary bicycle. Play with the water inside the pool by extending your arms and moving them angularly in an 180 degrees angle.

7. Warrior III Pose
This yoga move is made to engage your legs, core and to fight the cellulite issue you might or might not be facing. To start, stand with your feet together and lift up the left leg with a pointed toe. Put your body weight onto the standing right leg and continue to lift your leg and drop the head and torso so they can form a horizontal line from head to toe with the arms at your sides. Engage your core and make sure the left thigh, hip, and toes are aligned. Then, while knowing that your knee shouldn’t lock, hold for 5 seconds and slowly return to standing position. Switch legs and repeat.

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8. Abdominal exercises
Start by lying on your back and stretching your arms behind your head. Raise your leg and keep it bent at the knee. Then reach with the opposite. Your left arm should touch your knee. Once you master that, try lifting your upper body slightly off the floor. This will strengthen your glutes and make your core stronger while giving you a set of the killer abdomen that is lean and all set to wear the part dress you are going to buy this weekend.

Workouts to get summer body at home

So what do you do now, since you know the basic exercises that will make your body feel great in summers? These exercises can fit into your summer body workout plan whether you are a male or female.
You work-out at home like a boss.


Nicola Anderson is a 25 year old
sports journalist based in UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.