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Health Care Reform: Why are people so Worked up?

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 23 May 2017

healthcare reform

Why Health care reform is needed, is the most discussed matter of today and we are going to enlighten major causes of health care reform. It is though very important to go deep into the medical history to understand the high cost of medical treatment which is the major cause of demanded reform but due to an inadequate knowledge, we sometimes are helpless to answer our doubts. We can day that the high cost of medical treatments is the main cause of being bankrupt today and it badly shakes the budget of a common man if he is caught in some serious illness. The Cost of US health care system is recorded two time higher than any other developed country and it is rising with every passing day. It is estimated that healthcare departments contribute a total of 17.8% to GDP.

What are the main reasons of the costs too high? The studies show that there are three main reasons for the medical care costs too high.

1.       There are two stages of life where getting treated is most expensive than your entire life, the initial stage and the ending stage of human life. A lot of researches has been done to make the incubator and ventilator stages better. A few years back, it was impossible to save babies who are born premature, now it has made possible and it is a great achievement, but still it is too difficult for an average earner to get that treatment. Same is the case with the last days of life when a person is seriously ill and he needs a complete support system to maintain his breathing and heart rate and other systems to work properly. It is even more expensive than the prior one. Many countries limit the approach to this level of health care, when the chances are low that it will work, it is not applied.

2.       Second reason is that doctors are suggesting medical tests and assessment more likely when there is no need for that. There are some specific tests which cost really high and those are done only when there is a matter of life and death. But it is a common practice today to get MRI and CT SCAN of patient even if that is not needed. 

3.       Another reason is that health insurance benefits make it impossible for most of us to know the actual cost we are paying for medical care. We are just paying premier and getting health care when needed. We pay only a small amount and the rest our insurance company is paying so we don’t care about the detailed description of medical bill we have cleared.

Why Reforming Health care is needed?

Health care reform is needed due to the pace of increase in health care costs. Studies says that within ten years, the cost of medical care is more than double and by 2030, payroll taxes are going to cover 38% of Medical care cost. The rest will subsidize to Federal budget subtraction.  Secondly, health care reform is needed to improve the quality of health care. Most of the citizen in a developed country like US are under a great influence of chronic diseases. Over 70% of US citizen die due to chronic diseases. It is evaluated that till 2023, diabetes and cancer will increase by 50% whether heart disease will grow up to 40%. Strokes will be occurring 25% more and lungs disease will spread to 30% more than existing rate. The cost that is consumed for health care can be decreased if disease prevention and wellness programs are arranged.

Another reason for healthcare reform is that approximately 25% of US citizen are living without health insurance policy. It increases the chances of being unable to control illness and that causes death rate increasing rapidly. Many of them sell their homes to get health care but it is often of no use. It is not only bad for them but also for economy that it increased the bankrupt average rapidly.

How economy will be impacted due to health care reform:

Health Care Reform

 The health care reform started showing its impacts too early that in 2011, more than 600,000 young people were insured and due to act provision, children who are under 26 years are covered by their parent’s insurance policy. It also got into advantage of insurance companies who started getting premium from young people who need lesser health care provision, it increased the profit to a record limit for the first quarter of 2011. Secondly, around 50% of small business holder invested in health care benefits. More insured small business employees mean lesser bankruptcies. Their credit score was getting better due to higher consumer demand so that allowed them to spend more. Economy got a big boost that year. Study showed that there were lesser bankruptcies than 2010.

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Chris Alan is a freelance writer, experienced blogger and a professional social media coach. Currently he’s working with an health firm which provide the bestweight loss pills. He assists businesses create and control social media content planning.

5 Healthy Foods Doctors Recommend For Weight Loss

By Collins Nwokolo → Sunday, 21 May 2017
Even though most people believe that losing weight is a personal feeling, everyone should strive to eat and exercise their way to a healthy lifestyle. Instead of just losing calories to fit into a wedding dress or a particular jean that you love, you should make a choice of living a healthy lifestyle that will help you maintain your weight and wade of diseases like the Susan Boyle weight loss secret.  Here are a few top weight loss foods that doctors recommend to their patients who are trying to lose weight

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is an acetic acid that has been used for a long time. This vinegar tends to have lots of benefits for weight loss and it also helps in controlling cravings. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar after a heavy meal as it has great glycemic effects. It is also good for patients who want to boost their gut microbiome. Apple cider vinegar is fermented and has live bacteria that can contribute to the good bacteria that line the GI tract.

2. Bitter Melon
Foods for losing weight

The bitter melon is a type of vegetable that is commonly eaten in China and India. Raw and cooked thorn melon has several medicinal properties and can help in losing weight. It has lots of antioxidants, phytonutrients and is rich in fiber. The bitter melon boosts digestive health and makes you feel full longer. This melon stimulates the liver, a key detox organ and this can prevent your body from storing excess fats. Adding bitter melon in your diet and using the Susan Boyle weight loss secret will yield good results.

3. Green Smoothies
Weight loss food

Green smoothies are a great consideration for people who want to shed off weight. Smoothies contain a blended mixture of fruits and green vegetables. These smoothies provide you with all the healthy nutrients that you want in a raw form. It also helps in flushing out toxins and losing weight fast. These smoothies are usually bright green or green in color and may not look like the most palatable meal. However, smoothies will leave you feeling full and satisfied and you will lose tremendous amounts of weight in the process just like in the Susan Boyle weight loss secret.

4. Eggs
Foods for weight loss

Eggs are another recommended food for weight loss. An Egg has 7gm of proteins, Vitamin B12, choline, biotin and over 400mg of natural healthy omega-3 fats.  This makes eggs the perfect food for weight loss. All you need to do is make a simple omlette and enjoy because it is suger free and carb-free. The proteins in the eggs will also boost your resting metabolic rate allowing you to burn extra calories even if you are not active. Always go for the pasture-raised and free range eggs because they are richer in nutrient and have healthier fats.

5. Ground flaxseeds
Foods for losing weight

Ground flaxseed aids in weight loss as it binds excess hormones. It enhances satiation and lowers cravings as it is rich in fiber. It also improves gut movements and boosts the gut bacteria.  It is a source of over 20 fatty acids and alpha-lipoic acid. It is also rich in phosphorus, selenium, manganese and B vitamins. It also contains magnesium which is a natural relaxer crucial for reducing stress. 

A combination of healthy food and exercise will help you shed off weight. Ensure that you eat healthy meals so that clean eating becomes part of your lifestyle. You can also try out the Susan Boyle weight loss secret as it has tremendous results.

Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women to Burn Fat!

By Collins Nwokolo → Thursday, 18 May 2017
Weight loss tips for women

Indubitably, everyone loves eating food and when it comes to women who just can’t resist themselves from trying scrumptious dishes, weight loss becomes a hullabaloo for them.
Just because ah woman loves eating food does not mean that they can’t lose weight. However, some efforts are needed to get back into shape. Changing diet, proper workout and lifestyle changes are a few ways that help in losing weight and still enjoy eating food.
If you are also one among those women who love trying new dishes, but at the same time want to remain fit, here is the diet plan that will make you achieve weight loss goal.
So, without much ado, let us get started!

Weight loss tips for women

1. Replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie
This is the most effective way to lose weight when you can't resist from eating. Eating a mix of non-starchy vegetables like mixed greens, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, low-sodium pickles, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and green, red and yellow peppers is a great option. Also if you would want to go for fruits you have the option to pick lower calorie fruits as well that include citrus fruits, blueberries, strawberries, apples, and melons. In addition to this, drinking a lot of water or skim milk instead of higher calorie juices or sodas is also the best way to reduce weight.

2. Eat high-protein foods
While losing weight, it is quite important to look into the nutrients of a dish you are having. This is because staying healthy is also must. Choosing lean protein-rich foods like lean cuts of meat, skinless poultry, un-breaded seafood, soy-based foods, and egg whites is best.  However, anything consumed extra can prove to be harmful. So, make sure to eat up to 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight daily.

Weight loss tips for women

3. Do Proper Exercise
Lastly, cutting down the diet is not the only solution for weight loss. You need to burn off your calories as well and the most optimal way of doing it is exercise. According to the doctors, more than 250 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly is quite effective for weight loss. To name a few exercises that you can opt for include speed walking, jogging, biking, swimming, rowing, kick boxing or aerobics classes. There are so many awesome workouts for weight loss you can easily try.

Additional advice!
The overall weight loss program is not only dependent on the exercise alone and not on the diet plan alone. There require a blend of both the things to burn the fat and reduce weight. When making efforts for the weight loss, an individual needs to look into how many calories he/she is currently consuming and the amount of exercise they are currently doing. This helps in providing a better picture to an individual regarding the weight loss. 

From the aforementioned points, you must have got an idea about a few effective ways of losing weight. Make sure you adhere to these points so that you remain fit and get to enjoy your favorite cuisine. 

Besides these points, you can also consult a dietician. After all, they know it better and can help you in losing weight and remain fit.

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Shama Rajput is blogger and writer at Bloggersmarketing,She loves to write on digital parenting obese and traveling .

Top 10 Healthy Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 15 May 2017
Nigerian weight loss diet

Losing weight can be a challenge for many people. But to successfully lose weight fast you need a combination of a good weight loss diet and a consistent exercise routine. A good weight loss diet will help you lose weight easily and successfully. However, finding a good weight loss diet is not easy, especially when you have little knowledge about the calories they contain.
Many Nigerians who are wondering how to lose weight fast should know the common Nigerian weight loss foods that are available around them. Weight loss foods are foods that boost your metabolism, contain moderate amount of calories and aid you burn fat.
So, today you'll learn about 10 Nigerian weight loss foods that will help you lose weight.


10. Brown Rice

 Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

Brown rice or ofada rice is an unpolished, natural rice. It is much more healthier than white  or foreign rice and also an effective Nigerian meal for weight loss. Why? First of all it contains more dietary fiber than any other rice. Fibers helps digestion and boost your metabolism.
Additionally, brown rice also has few calories. You can't go on weight loss diet without consuming carbohydrates. That's why brown rice is the perfect carbohydrate to include in your weight loss diet.

 Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

9.  Moin Moin

Moin Moin or bean puddle is a healthy Nigerian snack that can also serve as a food or appetizer. Moin Moin is great for weight loss. It is made up of beans and other assorted spices like eggs, or fish which are all great weight loss foods. It is highly proteinous and can easily fill up your stomach.

 Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

8.  Garlic

Garlic might have a  strong odor but it is equally a powerful weight loss food. Garlic is a one the healthiest foods on the planet. I
Garlic might hat is a very strong anti-oxidant, cleanses the gut and rids the body of toxins. Also, eating a few cloves of raw garlic every day can help you burn belly fat.  You can easily add garlic to your meal to reap its benefits.

7. Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes is another perfect food for weight loss. It contains so many nutrients, especially potassium which many people lack. Potatoes where also found to have the highest Satiety index. This simply means is that when you eat white, boiled potatoes, you will naturally feel full and eat less of other foods instead, isn't that great!.

 Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

6. Fruits

There are many fruits you can eat for weight loss. And a lot of healthy Nigerian fruits are readily available.
Watermelon is great fruit for weight loss, it contains few calories and is especially good for reducing belly fat.
Grapefruits can also cause significant weight loss in the body. Other fruits for weight loss include, banana, African mango, apple lemon etc.

5. Nuts

Consuming nuts can help you lose weight. Admittedly, nuts contain fat but a healthy amount of fat.
They also contain balanced amounts of protein and fiber. Healthy nuts you can eat are peanut, cashew nuts and walnuts. Nuts can boost your metabolism thus inducing weight loss. You can eat these healthy nuts as a snacks. But be careful to eat in moderation.

4. Ewedu Soup

In my post, where I wrote the top Nigerian soups and their health benefits. I mentioned that ewedu or ogbono soup was the Nigerian soup with the lowest calories. Ogbono seeds aid in weight loss. And it also contains jute and saluyot leaves that are packed with dietary fibers. It also other amazing health benefits.
Consume more of this soup to effectively lose weight.

 Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

3. Sea foods

Sea foods are foods that are gotten from aquatic animals.  Studies have shown that consuming seafoods can help you lose weight effectively. They are rich in proteins, healthy fats and other essential nutrients.
One important nutrient you can get from consuming sea foods is iodine. Iodine is needed by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone which is involved in aiding metabolic health.
Some healthy sea foods you can eat are sardines, crabs, cray fish, salmon and fish.

2. Leafy Green vegetables

Consuming leafy green vegetables is another fantastic food that will help you lose weight. There are 2 reasons why. First, they are very low in calories and second they are extremely rich in fiber. In fact, you can add enough leafy vegetables to your meal and increase the size of your food, but still take in few calories. It also has fat burning properties. There are many popular Nigerian leafy vegetables you can incorporate into your weight loss diet plan.

 Nigerian Weight Loss Foods

1. Beans

Beans is ultimate naija food for weight loss, and there are 3 reasons. First is that it is readily available, cheap and easily prepared in so many varieties. Second, it is excessively rich in protein and has very little calorie content. Third, it builds muscles, so if are looking to burn fat and gain muscles, beans should be involved. Eat enough beans and legumes at least 3 times a week to lose weight.

Truly, losing weight is not easy, but you can achieve it if you are persistent, consistent and resilient. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and you might lose weight like rick ross did. Thanks for reading.


5 Easy Tips to Stop Drinking Addiction Within A Month

By Collins Nwokolo → Thursday, 11 May 2017
Stop drinking addiction

So you have decided that you want to stop drinking. Like any successful project, stopping alcohol use requires some thought and planning. Consider this venture as you would any other and follow these stop drinking tips.

1.   Come up with a plan of action.  Consider the reasons why, when, where and with whom you  usually drink. You will likely need a strategy to address these. If you usually grab a drink after work to unwind, brainstorm other ways to de-stress after work. Come up with several ideas of things you can do in the evening that will both help you unwind and avoid the temptation to grab a cold one.
 If playing golf always involves drinking, you might want to avoid the golf course for a while. Find another activity that doesn’t place you at risk of drinking. Do you have certain friends that you drink with routinely? You might want to tell them what you are doing and ask for their support, or only see them when they are not drinking.

 2.   Enlist the help of others.  
Find a few people who can offer support when things get tough or you are having a particularly bad day. Those are the times you are most at risk of sabotaging your plan. Everyone needs support. Chances are that you usually turn to the people you drink with when you need someone to talk to or something to do during stressful times.
It is important to remember that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will get the same results. Include your doctor as part of your support team, and consider seeing a counselor or going to a support group if you think it will help.

3.      Boost your physical and psychological health.  
Alcohol takes a toll on your body and brain. The first few weeks of sober living may be difficult physically and emotionally, depending on how much alcohol you generally use and how long you have been drinking. Get a physical and tell your doctor that you plan to stop drinking. S/he may offer other tips for giving up alcohol.  In some cases, your doctor may provide medication to make the process easier and safer.
Also, note that exercise can help you recover from addictions.

Many who drink alcohol are deficient in important vitamins and minerals (which often leads to cravings). Talk to a nutritionist about your diet and drinking history for recommendations. If your diet is unhealthy, a nutritionist can also help you find simple dietary changes to support your goal to stop drinking within the next month.

4.      Make a list of the reasons you want to stop drinking.
  It helps to have concrete reminders of why you want to stop drinking. Make a list of why you want to stop and what  your life will look like when you are not drinking. Instead of focusing only on the negative things that have happened because of your drinking, consider how things will be better when you are not drinking. For example:
“I will be more involved with my children and be a better parent.”
“I will be a better husband/wife/partner and have stronger relationships.”
“I will return to school and finish my degree.”
“As my health improves, I will feel/sleep/think better.”
“I will do a better job at work and have more opportunities for advancement.”

 5.      Don’t try to make too many changes at one time.  
Many who have been drinking for a long time have given up on their hopes and dreams. While having hopes and dreams is important to good mental health and may help you stay the course of sobriety, taking on too many changes at once can lead to overwhelm and failure. If you want to go back to college, plan to do so in six months – not six weeks. Give yourself time to recover physically and psychologically before you add lots of new stressors.

As you begin to feel better and have more energy, you may want to take on new things. Many who drink have difficulty with moderation in other areas of life, and most are not good at delayed gratification. Waiting to pursue long term goals may be difficult, but you can take on some short-term goals in the interim. If you really think now is the time to go for one of your goals, try baby steps. Instead of enrolling full time at the local college, take one class the first semester. Rather than training for a marathon the first month, consider starting off with a 5 mile ride/run/walk for the first event, and work up to the marathon a bit later.

That being said, many who stop drinking find themselves with lots of surplus energy, both mentally and physically. Alcohol may have been how you managed to contain/suppress all that energy. Find healthy outlets such as hobbies and projects to keep you busy and focus your interests. Just try to avoid doing anything for the sake of numbing out. Talk to your doctor or counselor about this, as you may have some underlying anxiety or other issues that lead you to drink initially. Some reports indicate that over 20% of alcoholics have an anxiety disorder.

You have likely come to the decision to stop drinking addiction within the next month for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, these tips  for quitting alcohol addiction will help you succeed.

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