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Infographic: A Look At Healthcare In Developed Countries

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 26 September 2017
Healthcare In Developed Countries
If you’re wondering how to measure how healthy your country is, there are a few factors that you need to take into account. These factors include getting enough sleep, a well balanced diet, exercise and physical activity, spending time with friends and family, and access to healthcare. If you are like most of the world, you put an emphasis on sleep to maintain your health.
Globally, we can all do a little better when it comes to our health. Studies and surveys have shown that on average, only about 66% of us get enough sleep, 59% of us are eating healthy foods, and 57% of us are exercising regularly.

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Access to Healthcare

Making changes to your everyday routine is completely in your hands, but what may not be in your hands is your access to healthcare.
In recent years, the health community has made tremendous strides both in medical treatments and technological advancements. While many countries have access to this new age of healthcare, the unfortunate reality is that not every person, even in developed nations, can receive the care they need.

Healthcare has become a financial burden for many, and in countries like the US, a trip to the hospital can end up sending you into mountains of debt. The global debate focuses around whether or not overcharging for medical services is moral, and if healthcare is a right or a privilege. This debate shows little signs of slowing down.

Looking at the Numbers

When you think of the best healthcare system in the world, does your country come to mind? For many, the answer is no. The grass always seems to be just a bit greener on the other side, not just looking at healthcare systems in other countries, but even healthcare in your own.

For example, in the US, healthcare is a hot button topic that has polarized the country. The poor think only the rich have access to the best medical services, and the rich think that the poor are driving the cost of healthcare up. So how does your country measure up?

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The US spends by far the most money on healthcare per capita by nearly $3,000 more than the next highest spending country, Switzerland. However, this doesn’t mean that the US has the best healthcare system in the world. In fact, if you look at one of the most important health indicators, life expectancy, the US ranks next to last out of developed nations with a life expectancy of only 79.3 years.

What about access to healthcare?  Many countries, especially European countries, have government sponsored healthcare, also known as universal healthcare.  While countries like Canada, Denmark, and Japan have 100% of their population covered, other countries like Chile, the US, and Luxembourg still have a percentage of their population without health coverage.

Take a look at these numbers to see how your country compares.

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Health Care around the world!
This really helpful infographic shows What Healthcare Looks Like Around the World. It breaks down what healthcare systems looks like in other developed countries.

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Top 10 Delicious Nigerian Swallows And Their Health Benefits

By Collins Nwokolo → Friday, 22 September 2017
Everyone loves good, delicious food, not just that everyone loves healthy food. Ofcourse, you are what you eat and to remain healthy, you have to eat healthy. But you can't know which food is healthy without find out the health benefits of the food.

Today you will be learning about 10 healthy Nigerian swallows and their health benefits. Before I begin, I will briefly explain what 'swallows' are and why they are called so (for those who don't know). Let's begin gradually.

What is A Nigerian 'swallow'?

The truth is that many Nigerians know what a swallow is, but will find it difficult to define. I tried my best to come up with a definition, so here goes.

Swallow in Nigeria is a term used to describe starchy foods  that are made into a paste and swallowed along with Nigerian soups. Swallows are usually made from grains, cereals, starchy roots and vegetables. They are mainly in the form of pastes or dumplings and are gotten from staples such as yam, plantain, cocoyam, millet, sorghum cassava and maize. It us called swallow because of the way it is eaten. You cut a small fraction (or a big fraction if you have a large throat), dip in the soup and SWALLOW! yum.

Nigerian swallows are really delicious and are made to accompany the soup into your stomach. But just like many Nigerian celebrities, Nigerian swallow has been in a lot controversy. A lot of people feel that such swallows are not healthy since they obviously contain too much carbohydrates and calories, but is that really true?

Are Nigerian swallows really healthy?

It is very easy to conclude that Nigeria swallows are unhealthy and that they will only make you put on a lot of weight, since they contain carbohydrates. This is not entirely so, and I have two reasons why. First, although these foods are made up of mainly carbohydrates they go through many process that give then added nutritive benefits. Most of these staple foods undergo fermentation and oiling that make them healthy.
Second, there are not eaten alone, they are eaten with a lot if very healthy Nigerian soups and dishes, which have they own health benefits.

So what should you do? The answer us eat in moderation. There is nothing stopping you enjoying these delicious meals, even if you are trying to lose weight, the key is moderation and discipline.

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10 Healthy Nigerian Swallows And Their Benefits

1. Eba

Eba is a very popular Nigerian swallow, it is cheap and can be easily prepared. It is made from cassava tubers and when prepared with boiled water it is called eba. I said a lot about the health benefits of garri in one of recenf post. Although is high in calories, it is also very rich in fiber and a great food for boosting energy. Eba made with yellow garri is more nutritious than white garri because it is fried with palm oil.

2. Fufu
Fufu is another common Nigerian swallow that us very beneficial. Also known as akpu, or cassava fufu, this Nigerian staple food is high in calories, and also very low in cholesterol. It is rich in potassium and other minerals. Although fufu is very difficult to prepare, it is worth the effort.


3. Tuwo masara
Tuwo masara is a staple food prepared with corn flour, and mainly eaten in the northern part of Nigeria. This healthy swallow can be eaten with delicious soups such as miyar Taushe (Vegetable soup), Miyar Kuka (baoba soup), and Miyar Kubewa (Okra soup). The health benefits of this appetizing food are that it improves digestive function, reduces stomach acidity and prevents constipation.


4. Àmàlà
Àmàlà is another nutritious Nigerian food made with cassava and/or yam flour. When the yam is peeled, sliced and dried it changes to its colour to brown, and that makes àmàlà look brown.
There are three types of àmàlà,  yam flour àmàlà (àmàlà isu), cassava flour àmàlà (àmàlà láfún) and Plantain flour (Amala ogede or elubo ogede). The yam flour àmàlà is much more healthy than the other two, because it has fewer calories and more protein.
Amala is high in carbohydrates and has a lot of calories.

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5. Pounded yam 
Pounded yam is also called Iyan is a Nigerian staple food made with yam. It is prepared by boiling the yam, and pounding it in a mortar until it, softens and stretches like a dough. Pounded yam is highly nutritious and can be consumed with any soup.
It you are looking to put on some weight, pounded yam is the right Nigerian food for you.


6. Wheat meal
Wheat meal is a swallow prepared from wheat flour. It is widely consumed among the Nigerian populace. Wheat flour is very healthy, it contains all the essential vitamin B complex substances and is very high in potassium in phosphorus. How foes eating wheat meal benefit you? For one it is moderate in calorie content, so you can consume it if are looking to maintain weight. It is also a good food that enhances digestive function.


7. Plantain fufu

Plantain fufu is made from plantain, it is a bit similar to plantain amala. It is prepared by pureeing fresh or unripe plantain into a paste or dough form. Then after allowing it to cool you can eat with any soup.
Plantain fufu is great for the heart, since it is rich potassium content. It also has a low  glycemic index, which makes it great for diabetic patients. But it is high in calories and should be eaten moderately.


8. Semolina
Semolina is the coarse, purified middling of durum wheat. Durum wheat us the wheat used in making pasta and macaroni. It is another widely consumed swallow in Nigerian and is also very sweet.
Semolina is high is calories and carbohydrates. It constitutes about 47mg of Magnesium, 136 mg of
Phosphorus and 186mg of Potassium per 100g serving. This shows how highly nutritious and beneficial this food is. It can also help you gain weight.


9. Tuwo shinkafa

Another common swallow in northern Nigeria is tuwo shinkafa. Whenever you hear tuwo shinkafa, you should expect to also hear miyan kuka too, they go very well together. Tuwo shinkafa is a staple food prepared from rice flour, and made into a thick pudding. It is very rich in nutrients and minerals.

Image Source: 9jafoodie

10. Tuwo dawa

Tuwo dawa is prepared from millet, it is an equally popular food in northern Nigeria. Tuwo dawa has very high B-vitamin content. It is rich in nutrients and very delicious.

So they you have it, the 10 healthy Nigerian swallows and their benefits. Forgive me if I made any mix up when describing the names or preparation methods. Keep eating healthy food, and you'll look pretty good!

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10 Surprising Health Facts About Waist Training You Don't Know

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 18 September 2017
Health facts about Waist training
Image credits: Wikipedia

Women love looking beautiful, hot and attractive, and they are right to want to look so, who doesn't love an attractive woman. Women have done a plethora of things trying to look healthy, get a glowing skin, lose weight, and have  great hair. They have also tried to get an attractive figure, the so-called "figure 8" or "hourglass figure". And they try to attain this by doing what is know as waist training. So, today you will be learning 10 health facts about waist training. Before we begin exploring the medical facts about waist training, let us breifly look at what waist training is.

What is waist training?

Medical facts about Waist training

Waist training, also known as  tightlacing is practice of wearing a tightly laced corset or cinchers, in order to achieve an attractive figure and posture. Does waisting training work? Most probably, they have been many celebrities that have successfully engaged in it.
When did waist training begin? Before the 16th century corsets were won by male and female Minoans of Crete. Now, let's go on to the health facts about waist training.

10 Health Facts About Waist Training

1. Medically, waist training works by moving the floating ribs and reducing the abdominal space. Wearing a corset, shapewear or cincher can also alter the bustline, raising the breasts upwards and shaping them, flattening the belly, and improving posture.

Health facts about Waist training

2. Waist training does give you a thinner appearance, and better shape but it's effects are only temporary, that's why they are worn regularly.

3. Wearing a waist trainer is good for improving posture. The person who wears the trainer gets adequate back and abdominal support, helping her to get an appropriate posture. Waist training can also help you eat less.

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4. Some waist trainers are made to improve thermal activity and perspiration in the abdomen. Thus, helping you exercise better and burn fat in your core.

5. After reading fact 4, you might conclude that waist training will effectively help you lose weight fast. Unfortunately, that is not so. The best way to lose weight is by proper dieting and adequate exercising, never waist training.

6. Waist Health training affects your respiration. It pushes the diaphragm, causing shortness of breath and shallow breathing. It can even lead to fainting.

Waist training facts

7. Yes, wearing a corset for a long period of time can squeeze your organs, even deforming them. The stomach, liver and lungs are affected, hence blood flow to the organ is affected. This can also lead to heartburn and acid reflux. That is why it is not advisable to use them for a long time. 

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8. A lot of women have wondered if waist training was safe for pregnant women and if it can cause miscarriages? Once you get pregnant, stop using waist trainers it could deform the growing baby. And concerning the miscarriage issue, I read a lot of questions on Yahoo Answers about it and very few women said to have miscarried while using waist trainers when pregnant. 

Health facts about waist training

9. Wearing waist trainers will make you urinate often. The pressure to your abdomen gives your bladder little time to fill up. Instead, any small amount of urine in the bladder will be let out immediately, causing incontinence. Please don't attempt to hold your pee for a long time.

10. Another question ladies ask is, does a waist training affect their period? There is no medical evidence that suggests so.  However, Lucy from LucyCorsetry implied that wearing corsets helped in reducing painful uterine contractions.

Bottom line:

It is good to look attractive always, but never at the expense of your health. Everything is achieved the right way through moderation, it is recommended to wear corsets for 1 to 2 hours a day, not the whole day. And make sure you talk to your physician before, and when you wear waist trainers.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Central Nervous System

By Collins Nwokolo → Wednesday, 13 September 2017
How Does Smoking Affect Your Central Nervous System

Smoking is one of the most dangerous things that affect your body and lead to death. So, it would be wise to consider how smoking can affect your health. According to a survey, smoking can lead enormous deaths in the recent past years. When coming to smoking, we can also expect heard the problem. One must know it also affects your central nervous system.

We should know that the impact of central nervous system is said to be the neuroregulatory, which we can view in nature. It is also highly affecting physiological and biochemical which leads you to drug addiction as well. Based on the dose of smoking, neuroendocrine and neurotransmitter will occur due to the effects of cigarette smoking.

When coming to tobacco smoking, nicotine is a harmful ingredient, which causes you to addict over it. It generally affects your body and when you continuously smoke, then can expect the issue in the central nervous system. Yes, it is one of the most dangerous things, which causes many human activity disasters. Instead of addicted to the drug, smokers can use best e-liquid that may reduce the effect. Let’s babe a look that what are all the issues will occur once addicted to the smoking.  

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Smoking affects mental health

Intensification in behavior 

Smoking is the addiction where it will take you behavioral issues. First, it will mostly affect the central nervous system of the body, and you can see the changes in physiological and biochemical due to excessively consume puffs. Smoking produces dopamine which is available in norepinephrine. According to different studies, it releases adrenocorticotropic hormone and arginine vasopressin, which cause a few type of psychological disorders in the human body.  
 People are thinking that smoking cigarette is going to be the big relief after stress. However, it has the potential to solve the stress at that moment. But you will get addicted if smoke on a regular basis to get relief from stress. Thus the cigarette mainly acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system. It means it will also have a potential in bringing the changes in behavior. As per the sources, except the few best e-liquid, most of the tobacco cigarettes named as causing pharmacological effects. Especially, it brings the effect to central nervous system.
The ingredient called nicotine which is generally we can found in tobacco forced to affect the brain and causes the issue to the lungs. From that process, it will take the whole control of the body by affecting your memory, muscle movement, and other functions as well.

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Smoking affects mental health


If you get seriously affected and addicted to the smoking, then you will see some of the symptoms on your body wise. The continued habit of smoking will take you to darkness at some point. As mentioned earlier, nicotine will make you to addict and cause depression. When it continues, you will see one of the unique symptoms like nervousness. These things bring negative impact and lead you to the dark path. On the other side, we could see the smoking from tobacco, which actually has the potential to kill the human at any time. This may also cause some depressive issue to the lungs.

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Smoking affects mental health

Mental illness 

Nicotine is the major dark thing which directly affects your nervous system. Once it gets affected, it will lead to high blood pressure, speeder respirations and other issues. The over dosage of drug smoking is highly dangerous to health and damaged the nervous system. It will bring some bipolar issues as well at the end. So, these are the things will make you even worse than you expected.

Smoking affects mental health

According to the recent survey, smoking is the only dangerous issue which affects your body highly. Also, it will create problems for your nervous system at a short span of time. Instead of addicting to this, you can go for best e-liquid that may help you to lower your stress, and it is not harmful to your central nervous system. One must know, smoking will always affect your central nervous system at first, then your inner body. So, avoiding is the only solution for you to protect yourself. For more details about smoking, you can also have a look on recent researches and case studies. It will shock you to the core for sure.  

How To Build A Garage Gym And Achieve Your Fitness Goals

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 11 September 2017
How to build garage gym

Achieving our fitness goals has always been challenging, the training and workout might be unenjoyable. One main reason why this is so, is because of where you train. Going to a commercial gym center can be very stressful, I mean, think of it, transporting yourself
to the gym, crowds of people with occupied equipment, exhorbitant monthly fees etc. Coupled with the fact that you do have other problems to worry about. That's why today you will learn how to build a garage gym and achieve your fitness goals.
A lot of people have found that an effective way to get the best out of your training is by building a garage gym. What is a garage gym? How can you build and organize a garage gym? How to heat and cool a garage gym? And how can you maintain your garage gym?

These questions will be answered in the most comprehensive way for you, so please read on.

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What is a garage gym

What is a Garage Gym?

A garage gym is simply a training facility in a garage.

"a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles in which place you can host a membership organization that provides a range of facilities designed to improve and maintain physical fitness and health". - 
Jerred Moon of EndOfThreeFitness

It is a building where you place a range of fitness equipment and facilities to improve or maintain your physical fitness and health. It is essential to note some facts about a garage gym. A garage gym does not always have to be in the garage, and it does not have to cost money.
A garage gym can be used to host a small fitness membership organization.
A garage gymer is not necessarily someone that trains in garage, rather is someone that trains anywhere.

The next is how to open a garage gym. What are the basic things you require in order to start a garage gym? Read on to find out.

How To Build A Garage Gym

Setting up a garage gym requires effort and clever planning. It doesn't have to be expensive, so have in mind that you can build a garage gym on a budget. I will explain the vital steps in building a good garage gym even on a budget.

How to build garage gym

1. Understand your fitness goals

Basically a garage gym is created to improve and maintain your physical health and fitness. It should also be used to help you achieve your fitness goals. So, you need to understand what your fitness goals are before creating a garage gym. Are you building a garage gym to shed a few pounds? Or to bulk up your muscles? What equipments in the garage gym can help you do that?
The garage gym amenities should equal your basic fitness necessities. The kinds of fitness goals you set will determine how you build your garage gym.

How to build garage gym

2. Prepare the garage

After you have prepared your mind and made your plans, the next step is to get the garage ready. You need to be very organized to set the garage up, remove all the unnecessary things in the garage and create enough space as possible.
You can choose to either store the fitness equipments in the garage or elsewhere. I would prefer you store it in the garage for easier access. To do this you need to create an effective storage system.

Here are a few storage ideas for your garage gym equipment;

  •  Use a wall for stackable containers
  •  Hang storage containers from the ceiling
  •  Create a small compartment for keeping the equipments. 

The most important thing is creating enough space, and utilizing the space well.

3. Buy the equipments

The next and most difficult step is purchasing the fitness equipment. Remember, a garage gym does not have to cost you
money, and it does not have to be free. It depends on you, if you want to build a garage gym on a budget, you need to plan your spending before making each purchase. Another thing is where you make the purchase, many advise against buying the equipments in Wal-Mart or online. You can build a garage gym for as low as $500.
To make it happen you need to create some fitness equipments on your own. In a guest article, Jerred Moon outlined and explained some DIY projects in setting up a garage gym. He concisely explained how to create a plyometric box,  power rack, medicine Ball and parallettes on your own, instead of buying them.

But there are some essential training equipment you need to buy like;

• Squat rack,
• Tire sled,
• Sledge hammer
• Dumbbell handles
• Weight set
• Kettlebells
• gymnastic rings and grips.
• Other peripheral equipments.

You can buy used products to save cost, but make sure you get quality equipments.

4. Organize the garage gym

When you have bought the equipments the next step is to organize the garage gym. Focus on keeping each equipment orderly in a way that each one can be easily assessed and used. I recommend that the area you use for strength training should be very spacious and far from other equipments.

How to build garage gym

5. Train!

The last step is to train! train! train! After you've set everything up, you should begin your strength training as soon as you can. Choose a convenient time to train and stick to it regularly. Use the equipments according to your immediate needs, with time you can purchase new ones. Train with others and have fun enjoying your garage gym.

How To Maintain Your Garage Gym

It is also vital that you know how to maintain your garage gym, so that you can exercise comfortably. So, if you are wondering how to clean your garage gym? or how to cool or heat your garage gym? You should read this.

1. Clean up the garage gym 
It will be easy to leave the garage gym messy after a strenuous strength training, but the garage gym should be kept clean at all times. After your WOD set out a time that same day to clean up the garage. This helps you  maintain a good hygiene and enjoy your strength training.
Use a leaf blower to clear leaves from the garage.

2. Arrange your equipments

Make sure your equipments are properly arranged after working out, so as to ensure workout safety. Arrange the equipments after training in a good storage area, where they can be easily accessible.


3. Cool your garage gym

If you live a humid region, you should keep your home gym cool. Strenuous strength training can cause you to sweat profusely and could lead to heat stroke. That's why you also need to cool your garage gym. There are some basic ways to do so. First, a humidity monitor will be beneficial here, so you can know when the temperature is dropping. Buy a window unit air conditioner and install it in the garage gym. Open the garage gym doors and create window spaces. Additionally use multiple fans.

4. Heat the garage gym

On the hand if you are training in a cold climate how can you heat the garage gym? This is important because a cold garage gym is uncomfortable to workout in. Coupled with the fact that the equipments will be too cold and become inconvenient. You can install a heater or heat pump. Make sure the garage is properly insulated with effective heating systems.

 I hope that by now you've learnt how to build your garage gym and maintain it properly. Remember that fitness is about making tough choices and sticking to it, so your body can benefit!

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