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How You Can Become A Successful Health Blogger.

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 26 June 2017
Health and fitness are essential to the life of humans. Various topics under health have been extensively written, read and studied by numerous people worldwide. The health sector is also very profitable. This and many more reasons have made many people to venture into health blogging. There are also other noteworthy reasons why some have entered health blogging. Maybe you have the knowledge and you think blogging is the best way to express it or you have an experience that you want to share with others. How can you be  successful health blogger? Whether you want to delve into health blogging or you have been a health blogger, you will need to consider this article carefully if you want to succeed in health blogging. In this article, I will be sharing my experience and knowledge as a health and fitness blogger, so you can become a successful blogger.
How to be a Successful health blogger

1. Find the right niche for you
Health blogging is so wide, there are a lot of sub niches under health. Some popular sub niches like weight loss, diet, diseases, pregnancy, healthcare, women's health, fitness and mental health all have little sub niches that are under each category. Many bloggers recommend that you narrow the category to a specific sub niche and focus on it. This is good, because it can help you reduce competition and you could a master in your chosen sub niche. However, I decided to write on all topics under health because I am very versatile and I didn't want to limit myself. But I will advise you to choose a specific sub niche to blog about.
How then can you find the right health niche? One way is by being evaluating each category and finding the one you have more knowledge on. Before choosing a niche study others blogs under your chosen niche and examine if you can blog about the topic for years.

How to be a successful health blogger

2. Connect with other health bloggers
Before I began blogging, I networked with so many health and fitness bloggers online. They helped and coached me in the basics of health blogging, and today they still help me till today. Blogging is very competitive today, so if you want to succeed in blogging you need guidance from people.
Find the health bloggers in your niches and connect with them on social media. You can talk to them about your desire to become a health blogger, or ask them for advise on choosing the adequate health niche. Even current health bloggers can benefit greatly by connecting with fellow bloggers. For example, you can generate traffic to your blog from a retweet or social share from an established health bloggers.
You should also network with healthcare professionals, like doctors, certified fitness trainers, nutritionists and psychologists in your blogging niche.

How to be a successful health blogger

3. Write helpful contents
This is the main work you put in as a successful health blogger. As a blogger, you need to write content that are catchy and amazing. However, as a health blogger your content shouldn't just be great, it should be beneficial to your readers. People want to know how this or that can help them live healthy, it is your job to point that out in the most appealing way.
I wrote some of my best articles when I began blogging (my best is still yet to come). Your goal whenever you are creating content on your weight loss, diet or wellness blog should be "How will this information help the overall health and wellbeing of my reader?". Make sure you readers benefit from your articles.
Additionally, you need to make your content SEO friendly. It will increase the chances of your content being read. Find trending keywords in your niche and write extensively on them. There are so many SEO tips you can learn online.

4. Research meticulously
Except, you are writing about your personal experience, you should research each article meticulously before posting. Every health claim in your article should be adequately cited. Before providing health advice or tips, make sure you have correctly researched all the latest information on the topic. It will help your readers know that you can be trusted.

How to be a successful health blogger

5. Be active on social media
Regularly promoting your blog posts on social media will help you gain readers and audience faster. But if you are active on social media, it becomes even better. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google ➕ are all great outlets for this.
Tweeting with the popular, trending health hashtags will help your information reach a larger audience.

How to be a successful health blogger

6. Be friendly and conversational
If you want to have committed readers on your health blog, you have to be friendly with them. Good health bloggers communicate with their readers with friendliness and openness. Write articles in the first person, and tell personal stories. I try as much as possible to reply all the good comments on my blog. If you are health blogger you should do the same too.

How to be a successful health blogger

7. Remember the important health days
This is a way I used in getting so many readers to my blog. There are certain days in the year that are celebrated and are related to health and wellbeing. For example, the World health day on April 7.
There are also health and diseases awareness days you should take note of. Producing content in these days will certify you as a health blogger and drive traffic to your blog.

How to be a successful health blogger

8. Find ways to monetize your blog
Health blogging is a very blogging profitable niche, so a successful health blogger should monetize his or her blog. There are manifold ways you can earn as a health and fitness blogger. You can use Google AdSense, or other pay per click networks. Affiliate marketing is also very great for bloggers. You can also sell beneficial ebooks or create an online store and sell health products to your readers, or even sell ad spaces to sponsors. The key is to keep experimenting different methods you can earn. I have learnt that different blog earn money in different ways, so keep trying till you find the one that works for your blog.
Don't expect or try to earn money at once, it took me 8 months before I earned my first $10 and 10 months before I added my advertising page.
Don't be in a rush to earn  money, it will eventually come, just focus on two things, writing great content and making sure as many people as possible get to read it.

9. Read and post on other health blogs
You can gain a lot of vital information from other health blogs and use it on your blog. For example a fitness blogger might read an article about a workout routine on a fellow fitness blogger's blog and decide to incorporate that workout routine as a video in his own blog.
Another way is to guest post on other blogs. Guest posting will help you gain readers from other blogs.

10. Help other bloggers
Every successful blogger should always be willing render assistance to a fellow blogger. This is especially for health bloggers. Don't view them as competitiors but as a fellow bloggers sharing useful information. Help newbie bloggers by sharing their blog posts online and offering them guidance. They will later help you in return, keep that in mind.
How to be a successful health blogger

In conclusion, you can become a successful health blogger if are focused, hardworking and consistent.
Please comment and share this information to all bloggers.

Please feel free to contact me if you need mentorship in health blogging.

Importance of Using Natural Soaps Vs Chemically Processed Soaps

By Collins Nwokolo → Thursday, 22 June 2017
Natural handmade soap vs chemically made soap

Indubitably, oodles of investment are made in marketing every year in chemically processed soaps in order to mislead consumers. Though typically named as natural, yet actually pertaining detergents, chemicals, and artificial fragrances are very harmful to the skin.

As consumers, determining the product quality is your responsibility. Understanding about the product, its make and model are important, so that you end up buying quality soaps. However, to help you out I would like to share the differences between natural soaps  and chemically processed soaps so that you make a more educated decision. Why are natural soaps considered better than store bought soaps?

Let’s get started to find out the differences!

Use of Glycerin
Glycerin is a natural or organic substance that is used in the soaps to make the skin soft. This is the reason why the majority of the soaps, lotions, and creams contain glycerin to maintain the moisture in the skin throughout the day. The optimal amount of glycerin is to be used because the high amount will make the soap disintegrate quickly and the low amount will make the soap strong, harsh and cause dryness to the skin.

Typically, natural soaps contain glycerin as compared to store soaps. Companies manufacturing handmade soaps never believe in making profits by hampering the health of the consumers, whereas, companies manufacturing unnatural soaps have a reverse ideology. The store-bought soaps do not include glycerin. In fact, glycerin is added to additional products such as lotions and creams, which make a consumer buy two products, instead of one to keep the skin moisturized thus leading to increased profits for the company.

Use of Scent
According to researchers, scented soaps contain hundreds of harmful chemicals about which you are not familiar. Such soaps are not good for the skin and may cause irritation. Whereas, the handmade soap is scented with pure essential oils that benefit the skin along with various therapeutic properties.

Natural soap vs chemical soap

Process of Preparing the Soap
The process of preparing the soap plays a crucial role in determining the authenticity of the soap. Usually, the correct procedure of preparing the soap is via either hot process or cold process. Either process making of homemade soap is a personal choice of a company. However, store bought soaps are made using numerous methods and by hundreds of hands in the process, which certainly leaves all uniqueness and authenticity of the soap.

Natural soap vs processed soap

No Harm to the Skin
Unlike chemical soaps, using handmade soaps does no harm to the skin as it is prepared with quality products. Thus buying of organic soaps is more optimal decision to make if you want to keep your skin glowing and away from harmful substances.

Natural soap vs processed soap

Healthy for the Skin
Lastly, handmade soaps contain oil, fat, vitamins and other skin caring qualities that provide a beautiful looking skin to an individual. However, store bought soaps are made of chemicals to provide the same texture and results as that of handmade soaps. 

So, with all these aforementioned points, did you understand the differences between natural soaps and chemically processed soaps?
Buy a handmade soap and give it a try! I assure you that you will surely find it worthwhile!

Author's bio
Michael Bullock is a zealous blogger and passionate about writing articles on lifestyle and Natural products. He's been writing articles and blogs since 3 years and has written for many websites. In his free time, he loves to play football, cricket. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Glutamine Is Important For A Healthy Life?

By Collins Nwokolo → Saturday, 17 June 2017
Benefits of glutamine

One of the most common amino acids that are found in the human muscles is GLUTAMINE. It is considered as a non-essential amino acid that our body produces on its own. For example, during intense exercise and training, glutamine levels are hugely used up in the body that can simply decrease the stamina, strength, and even the recovery. So, that’s when we need to consume glutamine in our diet to boost the  stamina and strength.
While most of the people are familiar with the benefits of glutamine, some others who don’t have any idea about this, here we are to make sure that you understand all the benefits that your body can get through this amino acid. So, here are some benefits of consuming glutamine that can help you lead a healthy life.


The dietary sources  that are rich in glutamine includes;
  • Protein-rich foods like beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, 
  • Vegetables like beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, parsley, vegetable juices\
  • And also in wheat, papaya, brussel sprouts, celery, kale and fermented foods like miso.
  • Glutamine supplements

1. Powers up Athletic performance
Glutamine is believed to power up the athletic performance and even recovery from endurance exercise. The reason is that it services as an ergogonic aid, which helps body in getting the sufficient power to boost
the athletic performance and even the endurance. It even increases the growth of hormone levels, promoting the formation of glycogen and
protects the immune system strongly. So, when your body is tired and giving up, trying glutamine is the perfect thing you can do.

2.  It helps in weight loss
Glutamine is also known for losing fats from the body. Yes, supplementing with this amino acid helps in achieving all those fat loss goals simply by the secretion of growth hormones. When we consume this amino acid, the HGH levels are powered up by almost 400%, which leads to elevated metabolic rates. Besides all this, it even helps in improving EPOC post training, which is known to obtain the desired weight. So, weight loss is no more a dream with glutamine.


3. Boosts your Immunity
Glutamine even improves immunity. This amino acid not only helps in supporting you to achieve all those fitness goals, but also boosts overall health including your immunity. So, you should always worry about the
depletion of glutamine when you are sick, as this is the time when the production of this amino acid decreases drastically. And, since it acts as the fuel for your body, you should consume it in the diet for balancing its level in your body. You can go for L-Glutamine which is fuel to your immune system.

4. Keep up Gastrointestinal Health
The benefits of glutamine are not just limited to improving your muscles and athletic performance. It even contributes in the improving the gastrointestinal health because it is an important nutrient that is needed
to rebuild and repair the intestines. When we add glutamine to our nutrition, it helps in preventing deterioration of gut permeability besides preserving the mucosal structure.

5. Heal Wound and Quick Recovery
Our body releases a hormone called cortisol when it is under stress and tension. This affects the glutamine levels negatively and even reduces them. But when we consume glutamine, we tend to reduce the mortality rates in severe injuries and illness. Doctors even use it post surgery to heal the wounds and prevent all the infections that might happen after the surgery. So, be it the critical wound or anything that is not healing,
glutamine can be of a great help to get rid of such issues.

6. Suppress Cravings
Want to kill those nasty cravings that occur every now and then? Well, you can consume glutamine to suppress those unwanted cravings for alcohol and sugar. It even helps in lowering the insulin, which controls the levels of sugar in the body. This way our body is not dependent on the muscle mass for calorie deficit diet.

7. Protects Intestinal Linings
A person who is suffering from IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) doesn’t have the power to produce enough glutamine in his intestines. In such cases, the consumption of glutamine is mandatory to make sure that sufficient glutamine is present in the body to protect the intestinal linings. So, those who are suffering from this issue, make glutamine a part of your life to make your condition better quickly.
The miraculous benefits of glutamine can do wonders to your mind and body. The only thing you need to do is take in a controlled quantity to save yourself from the disadvantages that you may face with the overdose of this amino acid.


So, now as you know all these amazing advantages of glutamine make sure you
make it a part of your diet today.


Alaina Addys is a health blogger, who loves sharing helpful information to others. Her blog is

7 Essential Safety Tips For Workouts.

By Collins Nwokolo → Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Regular exercise is imperative for a healthy, safe life. The importance of engaging in workouts can't be overemphasized. A lot of people who regularly exercise are happy and healthy. Exercising has a lot of physical demands on the body. It can be strenuous and difficult, this increases the risk of injury during exercise. How do you maintain safety while exercising? Carefully maintaining some essential safety tips for your workouts, will not only help you to avoid injuries while working out, but also helps you to enjoy your workout.

1. Stretch always
Stretching before and after work out is good for your body. Stretching improves flexibility and your range of motion, it also helps you get the right posture by releasing tightened muscles. Stretching before workout can help you prevent workout injuries by preparing the muscles to physical activity. It also possibly increases the flow of blood to your muscles, hence decreasing muscle soreness.
Another good reason why you should stretch is because, it calms the mind and gives your body time to recharge after a short round of workout.

Fitness safety tips

2. Hydrate regularly
Frequent hydration is good for the body, but is especially good for a convenient, safe workout. Regularly take in fluids before and after working out to avoid fatigue, dehydration, heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Fitness safety tips

3. Use the right fitness gears
Making use of the proper fitness gears is imperative to exercising safely. You don't. need the most expensive fitness apparels, you need the right ones for a comfortable workout. Some important fitness gears you need are;

• The appropriate fitness gloves. Wearing adequate gloves will help you to prevent calluses and get the best out of your hand grip exercises. Make you use a suitable crossfit hand grips when engaging in intense workouts.

• Workout shoes. The shoes you use for exercising with greatly affect how well you enjoy your workout. It is good to wear fitting shoes for your exercise. Don't also forget to change your workout shoes before they become worn out.

• The right fitness apparels are also essential. Wear loose fitting clothes when exercising in hot weather and thick clothes in cold weather.
• Wear helmets, and other protective gears when engaging in exercises like cycling, mountain biking etc.

4. Don't exercise too intensely
Intense training is good when you want to exceed the limits in your workout or when you have been working out for a long time. But it is not good to exercise too intensely. Especially when you just began working out. A longer, more moderate workout is more
effective than a short, intense one. Too much Intense workouts will make you feel exhausted on time and quickly lead to burnout.

5. Arrange your gym equipments after use
To avoid getting injuries it is crucial that you develop a habit of properly arranging your gyming equipments after usage. This might sound a bit difficult for some people, because they are often carefree and a times lazy after working out. But remember that, proper arrangement of your fitness equipments will help you avoid the risk of you or anyone tripping or getting an accident because of them. It additionally makes you more enthusiastic about beginning your workout routine, since you have neatly arranged them.

Workout safety tips

6. Work with a fitness partner
Exercising with a fitness partner makes your workout safe and easy. In cases of emergencies, a fitness partner can help you get the needed help.

7. Allow your body to recover
A lot of fitness freaks believe that continual exercise daily will give them quick results. They become engulfed by the trap of overtraining and do not allow there bodies to recover. Overtraining makes you eat too much because your body needs added energy for your constant workout sessions. It also causes insomnia and muscle soreness.
Allowing your body to recover involves, taking a break in between workout days. It is good to exercise daily but they are specific days in a week set aside for gyming or intense exercise. It also helps your muscles grow because they grow while you rest.

Thanks for reading.

5 Best Drinks For Successful Weight Loss.

By Collins Nwokolo →
You are what you eat, but are you also what you drink? Yes! Living a healthy life involves more that eating healthy food, it also means taking in the right fluids. As we eat food, we also take drinks.
Drinking healthy drinks cannot just help you live a healthy safe life, but help you lose weight fast, such drinks are called weight loss drinks. How do weight loss drinks work? It is important to note that no drink can miraculously help you lose weight fast. These weight loss drinks are simply drinks contain fewer calories and contain vital nutrients. Switching from calories rich drinks do these calorie free weight loss fluids will help you shed pounds. So today I will show the 5 most effective weight loss drinks that you should add to your diet. I will equally list out some high calorie drinks to avoid, so that you can successfully lose weight. So as you can see, there's so much yo learn today, please read on.

Weight loss drinks

1. Coconut water
Coconut water is perfect for weight loss and rehydration. There are so many health benefits of drinking coconut water. It is packed with enriching nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and fiber. Why is cocount water good and recommended for weight loss? First, a cup of coconut contains just 46 calories, second, it enhances metabolic rate by improving thyroid function.  It is a good option when compared to packaged drinks and even water.

Weight loss drinks

2. Green tea
Green tea is a perfect drink for losing weight fast. It is packed with many powerful and beneficial nutrients that keeps your body very healthy. Green tea is very popular because of its detoxification properties. It is one of the best skinny tea detox for a successful weight loss. Why? It contains 1 Calorie per 100 mL and contains phytochemicals , such as polyphenols that have antioxidant properties.
Admittedly, moderate use of green tea is healthy and safe, but overconsumption has been reported to cause liver toxicity in humans.

3. Smoothies and Juices
Another effective drinks for weight loss are smoothies and juices. For one most fruits and vegetables are low in calorie, low in fat, and packed with necessary fibers and vital vitamins, along with antioxidants that will keep you satisfied and full of energy as you lose weight. Furthermore, they are delicious, cheap and amazingly easy to make at home. Some nice smoothies and juices I recommend are, vanilla almond smoothie, fresh melon juice and pineapple juice.

Weight loss drinks.

4. Protein Shakes
What's the most essential nutrient for adequate weight loss? Many would say proteins! Proteins are vital for weight loss and drinking protein shakes is a calorie free way to rehydrate yourself, lose weight and burn belly fat. Protein shakes can be easily made by mixing protein powder with water or other beneficial ingredients. Why is drinking protein shakes good for weight loss? It is few in calories, it help you feel full and reduces appetite. In fact,one study in 2015, found out that Dietary protein at breakfast  can enhance satiety and reduce calorie intake throughout the day.

Weight loss drinks

5. Oolong tea
Oolong tea is a drink for weight loss that originated in China. In fact , Oolong tea means " black dragon" in Chinese. Why is oolong tea termed as an effective weight loss drink and  what the evidences that suggest so? First, it boosts metabolism and enhances the body's ability to metabolise fat. It also contains polyphenols which are responsible for its weight loss abilities. A specific polyphenol called catechin present in oolong tea has been widely credited for giving oolong tea its weight loss properties. In 2009, a study was published on the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine that supported ability of oolong tea to help you shed pounds. This sstudy stated that, participants in the study who took oolong tea for six weeks lost up to six pounds.
Another animal study in 2014, published in The Journal of Nutrition reported that oolong tea aided in weight loss even when the animals were exposed to a high-sugar diet. It is advisable to lower temperature and allow for shorter sleeping times, when preparing oolong tea. So as to benefit fully from this magnificent weight loss drink.

So there you have it, 5 powerful drinks that will help you lose weight. But before we conclude, let me briefly list the drinks to avoid for weight loss.

Drinks To Avoid For Weight Loss
1. Alcohol
2. Energy drinks
3. Iced tea
4. Skim milk
5. Soft drinks.

So, you've successfully learned the drinks that you should consume more when you are desiring to lose weight. I really hope this article was beneficial to you. Please I would to hear your thoughts, so please comment freely.