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How To Reframe Your Sexual Beliefs As You Age

By Collins Nwokolo → Saturday, 22 October 2016
how to reframe your sexual beliefs as you age

Sex and sexual activity gets a lot of attention when we’re young. For teenagers, we focus on developing healthy, respectful attitudes toward sexuality and practicing responsible, safe sex. People in their 20s may
explore more about sex as they work toward finding a life-long partner. But as we age there’s less and less focus on sexuality. It’s almost as if we expect the need, the desire, to simply fade away but it doesn’t. Although middle age is a time of great changes for many people, it can also be a time of transformation. Those hormones, those relationships—they ebb and flow—but sex remains a vital part of body, mind, and spirit. Once many people begin to reach their 40s or 50s, sex becomes something that is no longer exciting.
That is why a lot of people in their middle age want to know how to re-frame their sex life as their age.

Part of the evolution is re-framing your sexual beliefs to work around what’s changing physically—irritatio­n, exhaustion, hot flashes to name just a few. It’s not necessarily true that those changes necessitate a lack of desire or ability to have a satisfying sexual relationship. Part of it is about positive body talk—what you’re telling yourself about how you are and how you look and what you want.
 Much of the blame is laid at the foot of hormones, but there are also changes happening in the brain as we move to middle age. And what if we stopped accepting what society expects from us about sexuality? But that’s easier said than done right? Small steps are important—even if there’s one small thing that you can do to reinforce your positive images. And there are ways outside of sex that can make you more in touch with your libido. That, hopefully, will lead to being in touch when you’re having sex. To do that, you have to build trust and conversation. You have to be open to talking about likes and dislikes. Think about the good things—even if it’s just one thing—and go from there. If there’s something you aren’t sure about or that you don’t like, again—talk about it. If you’re too embarrassed to say those things, don’t:, show instead. There are also things that you can do outside of sex, too, that can help build more confidence and interest in physical interaction. Sleep and lubrication, as well as a focus on pleasure—not the act itself—are all helpful. And there are plenty additional insights and tips, all of which you will find in this graphic.

Bridging Body, Mind, & Spirit: How To Get What You Want Out Of Sex 

How to Lose Weight Fast With Weight Loss Supplements

By Collins Nwokolo → Friday, 21 October 2016
How to lose weight with weight loss supplements

Come on! Blow the candles! Make a wish! – You bow in front of your birthday candles and close your eyes.  You wish to become thin and look mesmerizingly beautiful. You wish to shed the extra weight but the catch here is you do not wish to sweat it out! Then how on the earth’s name will you get the size you wished for on your birthday? Is there a spell to achieve the impossible? Go through the page to get a solution to your problem. You are going to find out how you can lose weight fast without having to spend long hours at the gym.

The solution
No spells. No tummy tucks. No crash diets.  Nutrition science has made great progress in the last few years and their best research outcomes have been in the field of inventing nutritive health supplements for weight loss. These recipes come in the form of capsules or powders that can be included in your daily diet and weight loss occurs just like that. Wondering how? Here is the answer. Weight loss health supplements.

What are weight loss supplements?
Weight loss supplements
are all pharmacological drugs that reduce or
control weight. How do they do that? Find out 3 reasons how.

Reduces your craving for mid meal snacks that are the main reason for fat accumulation
Eating does not cause over weight. But eating whatever and whenever you eat causes over weight. These health supplements avoid your extra indulgence in fat food by reducing hunger pangs. When the intention to eat is arrested, the eating too is reduced and you achieve your first goal towards weight loss!

Burn the sub-cutaneous fat and releases instant energy
The biggest truth for any overweight person lies in his belly. Abdomen is where extra fat gets stored generously. These healthy non-toxic supplements target these additional fat deposits and burns them down. In this process, the extra fat is lost and more energy is gained by you to carry on your daily chores with zero tiredness.

Aids in streamlined digestion and easier bowel movements
The moment you declare you are planning to reduce your weight in the most natural and harmless way, you shall get a lot of advice from GM diet, HCG diet to crash dieting. Many of such diet plans includes eating fiber rich food, lots of protein and zero carbohydrate. These health supplements help in digesting the extra fiber and breaking down the protein into useful energy to build lean muscle mass so as to keep your digestion and defecation process intact.
Prolongs the time interval between two successive meal and increases body metabolism

Last but not the least; upon regular usage of health supplements purchased using the netmeds offers along with a balanced meal, you shall feel your frequency of eating has come down, you have become more energetic, more fluid and also active in terms of physical fitness, your BMR rate has increased and your craving for unhealthy food has decreased. Such balanced life is enough for you to shed your extra calories and stay fit.

In short, along with these harmless, zero side effect organic and one hundred percent natural weight loss health supplements, if you can combine healthy eating habits and stretches, you shall lose weight gradually and steadily. 
Author's bio;
Shashank Choudhary

10 Super Cool Benefits Of Having A Fitness Partner

By Collins Nwokolo → Saturday, 15 October 2016
Achieving optimum fitness have been difficult for many people, and keeping fitness goals has continued to elude many. However, there is a trick that could help you get the best out of your workout, strictly keep to your fitness goals and achieve them. That trick is having a fitness partner.

You see having a workout buddy could be what you have been lacking, and could turn out to make the difference in your fitness goals. How does having a fitness partner help you achieve goals? and What are the benefits of having a fitness partner? Who should be your fitness partner? Let's  find out.

Benefits of having a fitness partner


1. You stay motivated to workout - If you are lacking motivation in achieving your fitness goals, then workout with a fitness partner. Because you get to stay motivated, especially when you see your friend working harder or if you both have common fitness goals.

2. You have a healthy competition -
If both you and your fitness buddy have similar fitness goals, body types or intend to lose weight, then that could serve as a friendly competition for you. With that kind of healthy competition with each other, your workouts will be meaningful.

You could equally get motivated if you have a fitness partner that is much more fitter or in better shape than you. You feel the need to get better and ahead and that might provide the extra push you need.

3. You get to socialise as well - Working out is a great time to socialize and have fun. Having a fitness buddy with you, helps you socialize as well as workout. There are times when you and your partner are a part of a team workout session where you do not just get to work out and have fun but also socialise with people. You are likely to watch time fly and finally end up being happy about interacting with people as well as losing a considerate amount of calories.

4. You get to try new tricks - Working out with a fitness partner could get you to try new tricks. For example, if your fitness instructor tries to get you to try a new fitness regimen, you are not familiar with. You might well be reluctant to try it out. But when you see your partner making a move, you'll love to give it a try and get rid of your fears. This is only possible with a fitness partner.

5. The friendship bond grows stronger - 
One of the benefits of working out with someone close to you is that you get to strengthen the bond with you both. Spouses who workout together are going to appreciate each other more, because they get to achieve their goals together.


6.  Your workout becomes fun -
Nobody wants their workout to be boring, and always serious. Exercising with your friend would make your workouts fun, enjoyable, and something that you would want to look forward to all the time.

7. Your workouts are much safer - Exercising along with someone makes your workout much more safer. For example, when jogging in the early hours of the morning or at night you are much safer with someone.

8. You become more committed -
Having a fitness buddy makes you much more committed to achieving your goals. You are less likely to skip gym sessions and procrastinate on exercising.

9. You get support - In almost very thing we do, we need a measure of support. A fitness buddy supports you when you feel that you not getting results.

10. You get to workout for longer periods -
When you are working out with a friend, you are most likely to lose track of time and exceed the time limit you both set. Thus get to exercise for a longer period and hence get fitter.

Who should be your fitness partner?
They are certain traits, qualities and charcterisr to look out for in a fitness partner, some of them are below:

Someone who you are close to (a friend)
√ Your Spouse
√ A disciplined person
√ An optimistic person
√ A hard worker
√ Someone with similar fitness goals as you and
√ Someone that motivates you.

Who should not be your fitness partner?
× Someone that is overly critical
× A pessimist
× A lazy person
× A boring person and
× A procrastinator.

Conclusively, you should carefully consider this benefits that you could derive from having a fitness buddy and take action now. You should choose one, DEFEAT or BE FIT.

Thanks for reading, I want to read your comments about you just learned.

Edible Insects And Their Health Benefits

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Have you ever thought of eating insects? I'm sure it might have crossed your mind at some point. Well, scientists have identified close to 2000 species of insects as edible.

The practice of humans eating insects as food is known as Entomophagy. Many countries in Africa. Asia, Central and South America regularly eat insects as food. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), estimated that up to 2 billion people world feed on insects as a diet. Many people in the Western world are however still reluctant to try eating insects.
Well, today you be learning why edible insects are good for you and since we care about your health, you'll also find out the health benefits of top edible insects.


Why you should start eating edible insects
Here are some reasons why edible insects are beneficial:

• Insects are immensely packed with enough protein. Protein from insects contain all nine of the essential amino acids required for human nutrition.

• Eating edible insects would save you a lot of money used in other foodstuffs.

• Eating edible insects could help overcome obesity and lose weight.
• Entomophagy can help solve the problem of malnutrition in the world.

Now that you've understood some of the benefits of edible insects, let us now see some common edible insects and their health benefits.

Top 5 Insects and Their Health Benefits

5. Caterpillars
Mopane caterpillars is a popular food consumed in parts of Southern Africa, especially in northern Zambia.
Caterpillars contain 25-53g of protein and 20g of healthy fat from monounsaturated sources. However the interesting thing about caterpillars is their iron content. The iron content in beef is 6mg per 100g of dry weight, in contrast the iron content of caterpillars is 31mg per 100g. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), iron deficiency is the most common nutrition disorder in developing countries. Eating edible caterpillars could help improve your iron content. They are also good sources of potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and zinc.

4. Termites
Termites are a popular food in Western Africa and Asia. Termites are nutritionally rich insects and have a lot of wonderful health benefits.

Termites are rich in iron, calcium, sodium and manganese. They also contain information vitamin A, vitamin C, and essential fatty acids.
Termites are said to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. The high amountil of calcium and iron makes them essential to pregnant women.

3. Crickets
This tiny insects that is known for making chirping noises, can be an exciting delicacy. They extensively sold in Mexican markets, and eaten in many parts of Central Africa.
Crickets, like other day edible insects are very rich in protein, they are also good source of unsaturated fat, but are notable for they extremely high potassium content.

Their high potassium content can help you fend off a number of heart-related diseases. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, (FAO), it can help lower the risk of high blood pressure.
Because of the fact that their are high in potassium, they can help reduce bloating. Bloating is caused excessive sodium intake from salty foods. Eating crickets will help you get rid of that can could give you a great belly. They also supply a small amount of Iron too.

2. Ants
Ants are everywhere, they even have more population than humans. Eating ants has a lot of amazing health benefits. They are so great in proteins and contain numerous minerals. Ants contain iron, zinc, copper, potassium and calcium.

Ant protein has a lot of health benefits like, decreasing fatigue, improving immune function and enhancing growth.
However you don't just go eating any ant. A recommended form for getting this wonderful nutrient from ants are Ant powder.
Ant powder extract can be incorporated in drinks, or cooked with just about any kind of food. It’s the same as any protein powder. They are also many ant recipes to try out on the internet too.

1. Grasshoppers
Grasshoppers are found in temperate climate and inhabit similar terrain with crickets. This small insects that hops about and makes chirping noises in your yard can serve as a staple food. And above all it has wonderful health benefits.

Grasshoppers contain a lot of protein that can serve the good percentage of the protein requirements for both men and women. What makes grasshoppers one of the healthiest edible insects is because it is a good source of unsaturated fats and essential vitamins.


Note: Care should be taken when feeding on insects because some of them could be toxic due to exposure to harmful pesticides. Buy edible insects from reliable sources to gain their amazing health benefits. Their are also great insects recipes all over the internet that you could try.

Remember to always Eat Healthy!

Infographic: 8 Simple Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Eat the right foods and you would be rewarded with good health that would make you enjoy life even better. Being healthy means feeling good and having the energy that would let you get things done. You would have the stamina to do the things that you need to do in your day to day life.

With all the good things that healthy eating has to offer, what else is stopping you from doing this? Money you say? If the price tag is your concern why you decide to feed your body with junk foods instead of the right foods, healthy foods do not always equate to expensive as you can see in this impressive infographic. 

There is no reason why you cannot adapt a healthy diet plan even when the budget is tight as eating healthy without breaking the bank is totally possible! You just need to have the knowledge on how this can be done right and we have the information to help get you fired up.

We have prepared an infographic that contains practical and easy to follow solutions that would guide you in getting started with the healthy lifestyle change. This infographic talks about 8 very simple ways to eat Healthy on a budget.

Have a great time reading it here:

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You may have learned a lot of things that would help you in living a healthier lifestyle from reading our infographic, and for more doses of practical and effective tips for managing your budget, do visit,

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