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Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga, Dance Workouts and Fireside Meditation

By Collins Nwokolo → Saturday, 24 September 2016
Health benefits of Aerial yoga

It can be universally acknowledged by all humans that peace is the highest form of happiness and if you can be in harmony with your own self, you can bring peace into your life. Harmony is something which is deeply connected with the balance of your body, mind and soul. Humans always strive to achieve that state of mind where they’re conscious of every little detail of their inner and outer world. Reaching out for excellence in every single thing that we do is like watching out for the ideal. Here are some practices through which you can be in perfect harmony with yourself.

Aerial yoga – Traditional yoga form with multiple health benefits
Aerial yoga defies gravity and lets you perform different yoga poses which may be difficult on the ground but simpler in mid-air. Here are some benefits of aerial yoga.

Entire body workout: The nature of aerial yoga is such that almost all your body parts are forced to stretch and move. Muscles are redefined and toned and joints are regenerated. 

Psychologically helpful: Just like any other workout, aerial yoga benefits your emotional system and clears your mind off stress.

Enhances flexibility: You are allowed to move freely with much less effort defying the gravitational pull. 

Increases body strength: Aerial yoga improves flexibility and strength and also boosts your stamina.

Fusion dance workout – How it helps you break free

Whenever you’re super-stressed, how about busting out in any impromptu dance party? Well, yes shaking your booty can definitely be remarkably healthy and it is not only a weight-loss kind of an option. The instinctual rhythm response comes in your brain where suddenly all the musical vibrations light up and help you bust a move. The more is the time that you spend on the dance floor, the better you can train your brain to open those floodgates of well-being. A person who dances for 20 minutes can see improvements in the health of his heart as there are many cardio workouts too which can help you. 
Dancing also improves ample flow of mood-improving chemicals which are released through dancing. A single lively dance session can ward off depression much more any session of rigorous exercise.

Fireside meditation – The healing harmonics
The spiritual decadence of fireside meditation can’t be denied. This kind of meditation was recorded amidst the coconut trees late at night. As soon as the flames start dying down, you can hear the soft crackle of the energy of the fire. The vibrant and organic sounds straightaway take you deep into a meditating state and trigger a healing response within your body. As you get naturally close to the sound of fire, you are immersed into a listening experience which is nothing but a blissful experience which you can ever have.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to being in perfect harmony with yourself, you may sign up with any of the wellness centers which offer you the above mentioned classes. Be sure to practice them in the best way possible so that you can welcome peace in your life.

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This article has been shaped by Sam, who is a contemporary writer who writes on all recent topics like wellness center, fitness center, yoga classes etc. . He writes on the various health articles to help people become conscious about their body. He also participates in various health blogs, websites and forums to discuss such topics with people.

10 Phobias Related To Health You Do Not Know About

By Collins Nwokolo → Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A phobia is an obsessive fear or anxiety about something in particular. We all have certain phobias, even though you might not know it. There is always one activity, action or thing that scares the hell out of us.

There are a lot of phobias people have today, but since I am all about your health. I am writing about the common phobias related to health you really need to know about.
But just before you learn about that, let me briefly and comprehensively explain why we have phobias.

What causes phobias?
Phobias are mainly caused by past events or experiences that trigger fear. The amygdala in the brain records any strong emotional action that you experience. So, if at first you experience a situation or thing that triggers fear, the amygdala causes you to have a fear reaction that occurs anytime you encounter a similar experience, situation or thing. Even by just mere thinking the fear reaction begins. Some phobias are also genetic. Now let's move on.

1. Trypanophobia - This is the fear of needles or injections. About 20% of people on earth have this phobia. It is closely related to aichmophobia and belonephobia. It often begins from childhood when you recieve your first painful injection. From then on anytime taking injections comes to your mind, you begin to shiver in fear, you should know this.

2. Bacillophobia - This is the morbid fear of microbes and bacteria. It is also called bacteriophobia or microphobia. It may be caused by one getting sick from a microbial infection. Hence you easily become terrified at the sight of germs People who have this phobia are excessively neat and could also have Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

3. Dentophobia - It is the fear of dentists, or visiting a dentist to receive dental care. Visiting a dentist can be a very painful experience, especially the first time. It has been estimated that 75% of Americans have dentophobia. Women are known to have this fear than men.

4. Iatrophobia - This is fear of going to the doctor or of doctors. This fear occurs due to many reasons, but mainly due to experiencing a bad situation or traumatic event as a child involving a doctor or in a doctor’s office.

5. Menophobia- This is the fear of the monthly period of menstruation. The real truth is that no woman loves menstruating, so this is a common fear. It begins from puberty, when you have little idea or advice about menstruation, and end up embarrassing themselves. It could also arise due to fear of blood or PMS.

6. Pocrescophobia - This is the fear of gaining weight or becoming obese. It is also known as Obesophobia. This is a social phobia that is very common. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it is common in less than 200,000 US citizens.

7. Tokophobia - This the fear of childbirth or pregnancy. Also known as maieusiophobia, this phobia is a psychological disorder that is manifested through panic attacks, difficulty in concentrating, and nightmares. It normally begins due to traumatic first time birth experience. Tokophobia is what mainly leads to women opting for caesarean section.

8. Tomophobia - This is the irrational and dreaded fear of undergoing surgical operations. Although anybody that wants to undergo surgery will definitely be nervous, but someone who is tomophobic it will be even worse. It normally arises in people who have had or experienced a traumatic surgery.

9. Pharmacophobia - This is also known as medication phobia or fear of drugs or receiving pharmacological treatment. Having a phobia of medications can have detrimental effects on the patients health. This phobia is prevalent in people who have experienced unpleasant effects from taking certain drugs.

10. Carcinophobia - This is the fear of getting cancer or of people with cancer. Many people fear a lot of dreaded diseases, but people with carcinophobia are always panicking and are more nervous.
Most common causes of Carcinophobia include previously being diagnosed with the disease; a patient may have had a biopsy or might have seen a closed relative/friend suffer or die due to it.

Conclusively, fear can protect us and hinder us. But if any fear prevents us from being healthy, we must learn to overcome it.
All these phobias can be diagnosed and treated through various ways for example hypnotherapy.
Thanks for reading, and remember to always stay healthy!


The Truth About Garcinia Cambogia And Weight Loss

By Collins Nwokolo → Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Highly publicized as one of the hottest weight loss products of today, Garcinia Cambogia Extract has been making headlines all over the world. Having helped thousands of people lose weight, this natural product has soared in popularity and has achieved worldwide status as the most effective weight loss option for all genders and races.
With such global success, it’s no surprise that this 100% safe supplement continues to be ranked  No. 1 amongst housewives, businessmen and fitness fanatics alike. But is Garcinia Cambogia really good for weight loss? and what else does Garcinia Cambogia do to the body? Let's find out.


What Is Garcinia Cambogia?
Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit which is also known by the name of Malabar Tamarind. Originating from south-west India, this miraculous fruit ripens to a yellow or reddish color. Growing to the size of an orange, this oddly shaped fruit resembles a pumpkin. Previously used in chutneys and curries many years ago, this fruit has now been recognized to have an amazing effect on the way our bodies react with sugars.

Usually purchased in pill form this product contains Garcinia Cambogia extract alongside other natural ingredients which work together to burn fat effectively.

Clinical Studies That Shows Garcinia Cambogia Really Does Work!
There have been two major clinical studies conducted that prove that this miracle weight loss product really does work. Blind studies were undertaken in both India and Japan, with studies showing a 5-8% reduction in body fat in only 8 weeks. A noticeable decrease in the LDL levels (bad cholesterol levels) of testers was also recognized. Research shows that doses of between 1500-3000mg are ideal for the ultimate weight loss results while still being a safe level for consumption.

Garcinia Cambogia works in a couple of different ways. The rind contains a substance called hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, which stops the citrate lyase enzyme in the body from turning sugars into fat.

It also acts as an appetite suppressant, so less food is needed to keep you feeling full which reduces the amount of calories that are consumed each and every day.The most impressive aspect of this product is the fact that it allows you to burn fat and lose weight, without the need to exercise or change your diet.

With that being said, eating a healthier diet and adding a moderate amount of exercise to your lifestyle does help to achieve greater results at a faster rate. The choice is completely up to you.

Health Claims: Fact or Fiction?
In addition to amazing results in weight loss, Garcinia Cambogia also possesses some other impressive health benefits which have been proven by researchers.

Lowers blood cholesterol - Due     to the sugars in the body reacting in a different way, cholesterol levels are lowered which improves heart health.

• Increases serotonin levels - Serotonin is a chemical in the brain which controls our moods and is also related to sexual function, appetite, temperature control, memory and social behaviors. This supplement increases your serotonin levels which makes you happier and less hungry!

 Improved immune system - With highly concentrated levels of vitamin C found in the fruit, Garcinia Cambogia improves the immune system dramatically. This means less chance of infection, influenza and disease, and a faster recovery time if you do happen to catch a cold.

• Boosts metabolism - Not only is a fast metabolism great for weight loss, it also increases energy levels and motivation.

Reduces stomach acid - The modern diet has resulted in many people developing ulcers and digestive issues due to the acidity of the foods that are regularly consumed today. This fruit reduces stomach acid and in turn, can work towards preventing these issues from occurring.

This product generally has no side effects, but as with all weight loss products, it is best to consult a medical professional for advice before beginning to take the supplement, especially if you have previous medical issues or concerns.

Prices vary between brands due to the varied quantities of extract and other compound ingredients found in the product. Always read the ingredient list so you can rest assured knowing that you are taking the dosage that is right for you.

If you are looking for an effective weight loss solution that lives up to the hype and has proven results, you really should try Garcinia Cambogia. With so many positive reviews you really have nothing to lose - except your weight. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Nutrition Tips: What You Should Eat While On Vacation

By Collins Nwokolo → Wednesday, 14 September 2016


A vacation can be devastating to your weight loss, especially if you aren't careful to travel with the right attitudes about food and a willingness to practice both mindfulness and moderation. If you've been counting calories before donning a new bikini or a colorful pair of swim trunks, your vacation probably seems like the perfect time to go on hiatus. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Dieting is not a two-week venture. It is instead, a lifelong commitment to healthy, positive changes that make you look, feel and function far better overall. If you're confused about how to feed your body when heading out of town, take a look at these four things that nutrition experts eat while on vacation.

1. Massive Breakfasts
Regardless of where they happen to be, nutrition experts often adhere to a simple, age-old rule: Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper for dinner. This means, load up on calories and fat early on, when you have the greatest opportunity to burn them back off. Eat till your comfortably satisfied mid-day, and avoid going to bed with a bloated and overfull belly. This gives you the chance to splurge without feeling any guilt. It also gives you the motivation to lace up your hiking shoes and take a tour of your destination on foot.

2. Low-Calorie Beverages
Nutrition experts also pay careful attention to how many calories they're drinking. Digging your toes into the sand while sipping your way through countless pina coladas will send you home with a spare tire and plenty of additional pounds to burn off. Some cocktails are high in sugar and others are downright fat-laden. This is also true of specialty coffee drinks, energy drinks, ice teas and sodas. Sip water all throughout the day while being mindful of the fact that even mild dehydration can give you false feelings of hunger. Also, when heading out to the bar, forgo cocktails with a thick, syrupy base and stick to club soda and flavored vodka or have a light beer with a wedge of lemon or lime instead. You can even enjoy a glass of warm, red wine in lieu of a hot, buttered rum when touring areas that are blustery and cold. If you drink too many calories, you'll find yourself well over the recommended daily limit, even before you've actually given your body anything of substance.

3. High-Protein Meals and Snacks
Why do nutrition experts load up on protein while vacationing? Because their workouts never end. Good health requires regular exercise and thus, even if you intend to spend one or more weeks doing little else than lounging on the beach, you still need to make a concerted effort to put your body in motion from time to time. Nutrition experts love active vacations and often go paddle boarding, hiking, surfing, cycling and even dancing with the locals. The best part about working out while traveling is that each of your workouts can be entirely new and incredibly fun. You never have to do the same thing in the same place more than once, if you don't want to. A hearty omelet for breakfast or a grilled peace of salmon at lunch will give you the strength and energy you need to dig into your action-packed itinerary with gusto.

4. Something Indulgent and Fun
Experiencing the local cuisine is an important part of touring any new area and you certainly don't want to miss out just because you're counting calories. Every nutrition expert makes sure to have something indulgent and fun during his or her travels. They key to indulging is to do so in moderation. While you can't have pina coladas every day, you can certainly have one or two on your trip. An easy way to keep your appetite in check and unhealthy food cravings at bay is by packing the Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz has been raving about. This product will suppress your appetite and give you the inherent ability to choose foods carefully and to consume them mindfully. Having a good appetite suppressant on hand can mean the difference between choosing a dessert and sampling everything on the dessert cart. Ultimately, you should never feel guilty or deprived while vacationing. The best vacation diet is one that fills and fuels you up while giving you the opportunity to sample the very best of the local fare, without adding pounds to your physique.

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Dawn Green

The Real Cause of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

By Collins Nwokolo → Monday, 12 September 2016


Dentists are there to help you understand the importance of keeping good oral hygiene and following proper dental care. If you fail to do any, the results can be loss of teeth and infections where you dentist will help you resolve the problem.

If you do not visit your family dentist because of the fear hitting your nerves, then you should be perfect in your dental care regime so you won’t need the expert. But, visiting your dentist should be a routine and keeping an account of your mouth condition is vital.
When we fail to address our oral health, we become prone to gum diseases and tooth decays. The both conditions result from the imbalance we create in our mouth by either doing something in excess or not doing it at all (the dental care).

Plenty of information is available online for people to understand their dental care routine, but some take the details too far. There are people who do things in excess which further increases the severity of the condition. Here is what actually causes gum D
disease and tooth decay:

The Real Cause of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
Understand that the oral health results by creating a balance in the mouth and your body. Both these conditions-Gum disease and tooth decay-result from imbalance between the good and bad bacteria. There’s an efficient and inefficient immune system, which becomes a result of healthy and unhealthy choice of food and lifestyle.

The Solution as Seen/Told- Patients has been seen brushing their teeth harder and flossing frequently. They get fluorides placed on their teeth for making them harder and stronger. Teeth’s get filled into the grooves with filling materials to prevent tooth decay. Last, a great number of recommendations and procedures are taken by the patients for preventing the disease and decay.

The emphasis on understanding the real cause of gum disease and tooth decay however goes missing. Yet if you eliminate the cause of the disease, you simply prevent the disease from occurring. So, as discussed with Dr. Jordan Balvich, DMD, PC on our visit to Rensselaer Dentist, we are compiling a list of recommendations for preventing Tooth Decay and Gum Disease from happening in the very beginning.

Recommendation for Preventing Tooth Decay and Gum Disease:
• Keep a good control of your diet. Eat nutrient dense food, which in return will build elements supporting health mouth and balanced bacteria.

• Forget about taking sugars, processed grains, and sodas (fizzy drinks). This kind of food stuff feeds unhealthy bacteria, increases the level of acid produced, and compromises the immune system of the mouth.

• Clean your teeth and gums efficiently. Brush twice a day with a toothbrush angled into the gums that can remove clumps of plaque. Use dental floss for eliminating the small food particles stuck between the teeth.

• Remember to always brush your tongue. Harmful bacteria and decaying food remnants thrive on its surface which can be the major cause of bad breath.

Each and every person should have the knowledge of the cause and prevention of diseases. It is vital to always repair the damage that causes the disease. Dentist might be a fear for many of us, but seeing the dentist regularly can save you from the severity of the condition that you seem to take it lightly. 

Moreover, having your natural teeth is better than alternatives.
Your dental care routine should not be compromised while your diet can be the actual cause of this many other conditions. Eat healthy and you will stay healthy, while prevention can do wonders.

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Addison Dolan is known as working as Content Strategist; her interest is to write about medicine and technology and she has written around 300 articles. Her goal is to educate people about various health conditions, beauty and Dental surgery. She is a passionate writer.